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Saginaw’s Pit & Balcony Theater – June 29 2019 – Event Recap

Heartbroken: Heidi Katrina Returns to the UK After Tough Loss to Tenshi

When Heidi Katrina walks into a room the energy instantly changes. People stop what their doing, forget their conversations, and direct their eyes to the woman who seems to have a glow resonating from her body. The “British Bombshell” is truly a one-of-a-kind person and a top notch professional athlete. When Heidi arrived to Saginaw’s Pit & Balcony Theater she had one goal in mind, beat Tenshi and become the AIWF World Woman’s Champion.

When the match began Heidi knew right away that the odds were against her. Tenshi’s Manager Jack Kelly was ringside, the match had been manipulated into a No DQ stipulation only moments before the bell, and the fix was on. Kelly knew by insulting the event’s host & PPW Founder Xavier Justice retaliation was eminent. Justice took the bait and out of anger made the match stipulation without realizing that Kelly would be allowed to interject himself into the bout whenever he saw fit without fear of Tenshi being disqualified.

For over ten minutes Heidi gave every ounce of energy she had into beating up both Tenshi & Kelly. Heidi nearly got a win several times, but in the end the numbers game and a dose of the mysterious mist was the deciding factor. With Heidi blinded by the mist, Tenshi scored a Flatliner that was enough for a pin fall victory. After the match Heidi got a few last shots in on both Tenshi and Kelly, but the title she wanted to go home with stayed in the hands of her new nemesis. Heidi declined to comment to PPW Online prior to boarding a flight to the UK where she’ll seek guidance from her coach, British wrestling legend Marty Jones. Although Heidi was too upset to comment, her coach issued a brief statement regarding Heidi’s PPW future. “She ain’t done yet, not by a long shot. She’s coming back to my place to lick her wounds and then I’ll have her back on the mat getting ready to return back to the states.

Heidi is a fighter, she’ll be back to PPW to take care of business in no time.” Said Jones.

With Heidi across the pond, her nemesis and AIWF World Woman’s Champion looks ahead to July 13th at Iceland Arenas in Flint Township where she will have her next title defense. Tenshi’s next opponent has not yet chosen, however the details will be released by PPW offices soon! Stay tuned for details. In the mean time you can buy tickets to see Tenshi & her manager Jack Kelly on July 13 at Iceland Arenas by ordering tickets at www.pureprowrestling.net.

Impact Star “Mad Dragon” Rohit Raju Returns Home to Saginaw

Rohit Raju is hands down one of the best professional wrestlers walking the planet today. Although he’s an international superstar featured on Impact Wrestling TV each and every week, his roots are right here in Pure Pro Wrestling. Twelve years ago, PPW Head Coach Xavier Justice trained Raju and a handful of other Michigan stars in a now infamous horse barn on his family farm. The training was old school brutal with the young athletes enduring the freezing cold of Winter and the dog days of Summer. After cutting his teeth in PPW it didn’t take long for the Dragon to soar. Regional promotions began booking him, then he started performing in other states, and then he became the talk of Canada which lead him to a contract with Impact Wrestling.

Raju’s homecoming was a site to behold. The Pit & Balcony Theater was nearly sold out and many in attendance came to see Saginaw’s prodigal son make his long anticipated return. When the “Mad Dragon” was announced for his interview segment, the entire theater shook among the chants and applause for the grappler great. This was hands down one of the best moments in PPW’s 15 plus year history. As the crowd quieted Raju took the microphone and in one fell swoop crushed the souls of every fan in attendance. Raju was quoted as saying “When I was first starting out I had to drag my people to see me, but as soon as I was on TV everyone wanted to join the bandwagon.” Shortly after the fans began to serenade Raju with a chorus of boos Dragon pointed stated “I already have your money. I don’t care what you have to say.” It didn’t take long for the nearly sold out audience to turn ferocious on Rohit Raju as he went into his battle with DTA frontman Aaron Orion.

After the shocking turn of events Aaron Orion came to the ring to fight for the honor of the PPW fans who were disrespected. Both men fought hard for 15 minutes and put on what many are saying is the best match of the year. In the end the match was thrown out and Orion awarded the win when Kongo Kong hit the ring to back up his fellow Impact Wrestling brother. Many fans are calling for a refund and want the Mad Dragon fined for his actions. Although the action of Rohit Raju were distasteful, he didn’t violate any rules and all sales are final! With that being said, Raju has confirmed he will be returning in the near future. Stay tuned to PPW Online for the where and when!

Super Heavyweights Collide: Malice VS Kong an Epic Bout!

For over two years Gideon Malice has held the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship. Some of the biggest and baddest men to ever lace up a pair of boots have tested Malice, but the end result has always been the same; Malice standing tall with his arm raised in the air. Malice has defeated many men, but monsters are a whole different story.

Impact Wrestling monster Kongo Kong is a 6’4 350 pound wrecking machine that strikes fear in the hearts of his opponents. For the past 20 years Kong has traveled the globe laying out the best the wrestling world has to offer. Kong is strong, fast, and surprisingly agile for his size. He can strike you down, slam you into oblivion, or fly through the air and crush you like a bug.

With a near sell out crowd watching, Kong met Malice in Saginaw at the Pit & Balcony Theater. Man VS Monster, Champion VS TV Star, Titan VS Titan...A true war of the worlds. The fans in attendance watched in awe as both men fired shots back and forth that would have killed a common man or beast. Bodies were flying, fists were crunching, and both Goliath like grapplers fought tooth and nail while the fans went wild.

At first both competitors seemed to be able to hold their ground against one another. Suddenly the course of the match changed and Kong took control with a series of devastating strikes and slams. Kong went to the top rope to finish off the champion, but somehow Malice found a way to get to his feet, climb the to the top and then nail a Superplex that nearly caved in the in the ring and shook the entire Pit & Balcony Theater. With both men down the finish seemed near, fans rose to their feet in anticipation. As Malice and Kong tried to stand the “Mad Dragon” Rohit Raju came out of no where and jumped in the ring to return a favor to his fellow Impact Wrestling brother. The ref called for the bell and Raju & Kong started laying a beating on Malice.

As the bell rang over and over the Impact Wrestling stars continued their all out attack on the ailing champion. Suddenly DTA leader Aaron Orion hit the ring and took out Raju and began to try to take down the monster Kongo Kong. Orion gave it his best shot, but couldn’t bring Kong down, but when Malice regained his senses he threw in on Orion’s efforts and as a team they took down the monster. With the Impact Wrestling stars retreating Malice & Orion shook hands as a sign of mutual respect.

Both Raju & Kong will be returning to PPW in the near future, details regarding the where and when will be released by PPW Online, fans are encouraged to stay tuned to PPW social media and the web site. Meanwhile Orion & Malice are scheduled for the ULTIMATE test of time...The IRON MAN match for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title is scheduled to go down on August 13th at Flint Iceland Arenas. Tickets are on sale now.

The Nomads are New Tag Team Champions!

With PPW having two major events scheduled on the same day, the Nomads decided to divide and conquer. Pickles the Clown, CJ Anderson, & Road Rash headed to Sandusky to compete in a Michigan State Tag Team Title Main event against the defending champions The Real Rizers. Meanwhile Ace Evans made his way to Saginaw to compete one – on – one with DTA muscleman Karam.

In Sandusky things went drastically wrong for the Nomads. With a 3 on 2 advantage the Nomads thought beating the Real Rizers was going to be easy, however they’re optimism was quickly destroyed when Samson Real & Tay Rizer showed up to the ring on the back of a Raptor truck with Detroit Red Wings Alumni enforcer Darren McCarty. The Tag Team Champions enlisted the Grind Line hockey star to back them up at ringside. And that’s exactly what he did...The Nomads tried to introduce some foreign objects into the ring, Darren jumped in the ring, and anarchy broke lose! In a matter of seconds every Nomad found themselves laid out at the hands of the Red Wing great and the Rizers picked up the pin fall. The crowd loved seeing Darren in the ring, but the celebration was cut short as the Nomads stole the tag team titles and hit the road to Saginaw where they would give the belts to their leader Ace Evans.

Later that night in Saginaw PPW officials were sent word that Karam, DTA’s brooding muscleman had suffered an injury to his shoulder and would not be able to compete against Ace Evans. The circumstances behind Karam’s injury are unknown, however the rumor circulating the PPW locker room is that the Nomads ordered a hit on Karam to keep him from competing. When Pickles the Clown & Road Rash showed up in Saginaw presented Evans with the belts he was a happy man. With the night freed up he and his mates made plans to leave the Pit & Balcony Theater and hit Steamers Pub, a Saginaw sponsor of PPW. Then suddenly the Real Rizers showed up to the ring and demanded that the Nomads bring their belts back.

The Nomads may cheat to win, but they don’t back down when someone calls them out. After the two teams traded insults, the President of the Championship Committee Scott Brand silenced the argument and made a Tag Team Title match to settle the score. Both teams fought back and forth for over ten minutes, towards the end the Rizers gained control of the match when Samson Real entered the ring and nailed a flurry of offensive maneuvers. With the end seemingly near, Samson set up a signature move, but the ref was distracted and Samson took a shot to the face bit a blunt object which allowed the Nomads to pick up the win and become the new PPW Tag Team Champions.

After the match the Real Rizers were absolutely livid about the events that transpired throughout the day. They have vowed revenge and plan on seeing the Nomads on July 13th at Iceland Arenas in Flint Township. The Nomads are currently scheduled for a multi-man tag team match, and not a title defense, however after the action of the Nomads, PCC Scott Brand may make some changes the the card on July 13th. Stay tuned to PPW social media and the web site for more information! In the mean time buy tickets to see the Real Rizers and the Nomads on July 13 at Iceland Arenas. *Hint: Ringside is THE place to be.

Cody Manning Retains the Cruiserweight Title Against Mr. One Night Only

The opening contest of the Saginaw megashow at the Pit & Balcony Theater saw Mr. One Night Only, a Michigan favorite try his hand at taking the Michigan State Cruiserweight Championship from “The Big Deal” Cody Manning. Manning is an international wrestler and coach who also happens to have a “side career” of professional modeling. For over a decade Manning has been quietly proving himself to be the absolute best Cruiserweight in Michigan. Love him or hate him, the champion finds a way to win...even against talent the caliber of Joey Ryan.

Mr. One Night Only is a no nonsense brawler who isn’t afraid to let his hands fly. He proved himself to be one of the toughest guys in PPW after surviving a series of brutal matches with his now tag team partner Dylan Night. Mr. One Night Only oozes confidence in the ring and as soon as the bell rings this blue collar wrestler finds a way to get the job done.

The match proved to be a tough defense for Manning. Mr. One Night Only was hot out the gate which left Manning sore and frustrated. After some clever “bad guy” tactics Manning took control of the match. For several minutes he laid out his best offensive moves to “Mr. ONO” to choke on. Although he was in a tremendous amount of pain, Mr. ONO found a way to kick out and come back. Mr. ONO hit a desperation move on Manning and caught a tremendous adrenaline rush and began to hit Cody so hard that his eyes were rolling back in his head. The veteran instinct of Manning allowed him to continue to kick out of some of the hardest hits Mr. ONO could deliver.

In the end Manning countered a move and rolled Mr. ONO up in a pin that was stacked high and tight. Mr. ONO tried to power out, but Manning pulled on the tights for leverage and picked up a 1-2-3. Pulling the tights to assist a pin is in fact illegal in Pure Pro Wrestling, however the referee did not see Manning do it, therefor the official decision stands.

Manning’s next defense is expected to come on July 13th at Iceland Arena in Flint Township. Tickets are on sale now at www.pureprowrestling.net. Match details will be released on all PPW social media formats.

“Radical” Eli Roberts Returns to Lead the Junior Grapplers to Another Amazing Performance

The Junior Grapplers is a one-of-a-kind program that allows kids the ages 5 to 17 to live out their wildest dreams of becoming a pro wrestler. The Head Coach Xavier Justice teaches the art of pro wrestling two to three times a week at the PPW Development Center at Iceland Arena in Flint Township. Over the course of nearly a year Justice has turned an amazing group of nearly 20 youngsters into gifted athletes and students of the game.

One of the most popular Junior Grapplers is “Radical” Eli Roberts who started the program at the age of 5. He was the youngest and smallest of the group, but his passion for wrestling and fearless nature has allowed him to excel in the program. Eli took some time off to have some Summer fun with his big brother and Dad, but he couldn’t pass up a chance to have a match with Junior Grappler newcomer “All American” Jet Jenson, an 8 year old mat

specialist who “has more gold medals than every pound on your body.” Jenson came at the Radical One hard throughout the match, but a mistake trying to go to the “high rent district” gave Roberts a chance to nail his version of the Cannon Ball and Jenson was forced to take a tough loss.

In other Grappler action fans at the Pit & Balcony Theater got a chance to enjoy two tag team matches and a great bout between “Global Flyer” Drake & The 24K Kid! PPW is still accepting kids into the program! More info is online at www.pureprowrestling.net.

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