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Pure Pro Wrestling Presents The Second Annual Hades Memorial Battle Royal in Flint, Michigan

When: Sat, Oct 5, 2019 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Where: Flint Iceland Arenas 1160 Elms Rd, Flint, MI 48532

Michigan State Tag Team Championship: The Destroyers (c) VS DTA

After winning the first ever Warriors Way Tag Team TLC match and becoming the Michigan State Tag Team Champions, Cobra T.A. and Freedom Ramsay have made a goal to become the most dominant tag team in PPW history. After months of losing efforts, a rededicated veteran Cobra T.A. and the young hungry lion Freedom Ramsay pulled their act together and found a way to get the job done. After surviving a brutal championship match The Destroyers have already been successful in defending their titles, however their biggest challenge to date comes on Saturday, October 5 at Iceland Arena when Death Threat Army young guns Alex Weir & Adam Wick come ready ready for war. Weir is a black belt martial artist who’s a certifiable ninja master in the ring. Wick’s high risk / high reward style of offense makes him as lethal as a stick of dynamite. DTA is on a roll after their leader Aaron Orion became Michigan’s Heavyweight Champion. Will Wick & Weir add more titles to the DTA mantle or will The Destroyers grind out a W? Buy a ticket and find out!

Tag Team Grudge Match: The Nomads (Ace Evans & Road Rash) VS Team VIP

For the past few months The Nomads and Team VIP have been out for each others blood. Team VIP’s Dylan Night is a cagey 20+ year veteran who will go to extreme lengths to win matches. His partner Mr. One Night Only is a cocky and charismatic budding star, who with the guidance of Night has become one of PPW’s premier wrestlers. The Nomads reputation is no secret. The list of title reigns the group has is nearly as long as their criminal record. The Nomads set their sits on Team VIP because they see the duo as an obstacle standing in the way of the Tag Team Titles. Without an end to the war the next in line cannot be decided and its that mentality that has lead Nomad leader Ace Evans to become even more vicious than before. The Nomads no longer care about authority or rules, they simply do what they want whenever they want. However Team VIP is no stranger to taking it to the extreme and the mutual animosity they feel towards one another will only fuel the fire that rages on as we go to into this epic match up that will have a resounding impact on the rankings in the Tag Team Division. Purchase tickets now to see The Nomads and Team VIP go to war!

Controversy Surrounding Nomad Fines & Suspensions – Scott Brand & Xavier Justice in the Hot Seat

After months of policy violations by multiple members of The Nomads, PPW’s President of the Championship Commission Scott Brand has issued disciplinary measures towards The Nomads that include fines levied and suspensions served. Recently CJ Anderson has been at the receiving end of a suspension. He’s currently serving time away from PPW and is not expected to be given the clearance to return until mid October. Pickles the Clown was recently fined $1000 for his interference in a sanctioned bout.

Nomad spokesman Donahue has publicly condoned the fines and suspensions saying “The persecution of The Nomads must be stopped. We’re good guys just trying to win matches and make a living. PPW is discriminating against us and we’re deeply offended. This is causing us emotional and financial distress. I’m now rolling my own cigarettes with reground tobacco and drinking domestic beer. This can’t be allowed to go on. In fact, we’re pursuing legal representation to sue PPW for their biased behavior and we’re looking into a civil suit on the founder Xavier Justice as he viciously assaulted Pickles the Clown with a baseball pat in front of a hundred people in Holly! This company will be ours when PPW’s management crashes and burns.” Said Donahue.

The attack that Donahue is referring to happened on Saturday, September 21 at the Karl Richter Center in Holly, Michigan. The Nomads were just finishing up a win over The Brothers Grey & Michigan Legend Levi Blue when suddenly Justice, who was serving as Host that night, casually walked into the ring and then suddenly ripped the baseball bat from Pickles the Clown’s meaty hands and then proceeded to strike him multiple times in multiple locations on his body. He then hurled the baseball bat at the entrance where other members of The Nomads were retreating to and began announcing the next match as if nothing happened.

Pickles declined to comment on the attack only stating that he was to “traumatized to be interviewed.” When PPW Online reached out to PPW’s founder Xavier Justice he simply stated, “clowns freak me out man.” Perhaps an attempt to downplay the now controversial situation. When asked to comment on the fact that Justice took to his personal Facebook account and published a post saying simply “clown baseball.” Justice simply said “thanks for the click.”

Despite the cavalier attitude of Justice many fans feel that The Nomads have grounds to feel discriminated against. Nomad founder Ace Evans added “In 2019, if a man attacks another man with a baseball bat that man is charged with assault. Is XJ getting away with this because its in a wrestling ring?” Despite the fans deep resentment towards years of Nomad abuse, its hard to argue against the words of Ace Evans.

In fact PPW fans have taken to the internet to voice their outrage over the suspension given to CJ Anderson. The hashtag #freeCJ has been circulating on social media. Now that the controversial attack has been added to the fold both Justice & Brand have received hate mail from Nomad fans demanding that CJ be reinstated immediately.

PPW Online will follow this story as it develops. Reporters will be at the upcoming October 5th event at Iceland Arena to catch the latest developments as they happen. Many expect the situation between The Nomads and PPW to boil over in Flint on October 5th. Purchase tickets now to watch it all go down!

Michigan State Cruiserweight Title Bout: James Alexander VS Tay Rizer (c)

Tay Rizer is a budding young star who after only a year of competition has managed to capture Michigan’s Cruiserweight Championship. The Flint native is an athletically gifted and all too humble person who cares deeply about the people in the city he grew up in. When Rizer enters the ring he proudly represents Flint and with each win hopes to inspire the residents of the battered city to “Rize Up!” His opposition on October 5th at Flint Iceland Arena is “Perfection Personified” James Alexander. This classically trained ultra athlete is in impeccable physical condition, has been trained by some of the best coaches in the world, and has been featured multiple times on WWE television. Alexander is a star and he’s not afraid to let you know about it. When Rizer and Alexander meet inside the squared circle at the Hades Memorial Battle Royal, two of the premiere cruiserweights in the state of Michigan will duke it out for the right to be called the best in the state. Rizer has gotten the best of Alexander once, however a post match attack that sent Rizer to the hospital has made matters deeply personal. For Rizer its about more than defending the title and representing his city; its about revenge. Alexander is in the best shape of his life and has never looked better in the ring. Will he be the next Cruiserweight champ? Or will Tay Rizer take his game to a whole new level? Buy a ticket, take the ride. This match will be GREAT!

Continental Championship Rematch: Samson Real VS “Nasty” Nick Xero (c)

Samson Real is a PPW heart throb who’s become a fan favorite in a record amount of time. Real is a perfect blend of size, speed, agility, and passion. Together with his partner Tay Rizer he became a Michigan State Tag Team Champion and just one event ago he became a Continental Champion...his first singles belt ever. Only that win was bittersweet...in fact it was down right nasty.

Enter “Nasty” Nick Xero...the vile, villainous, corrupt, callous, cold-hearted scrooge of Pure Pro Wrestling. A man so nefarious that he once tried to punch a Junior Grappler! The first time he and Samson Real wrestled, Xero was defeated soundly, however due to the 24/7 Rules associated with the Continental Title, Xero was allowed to start another match which resulted in Real getting pinned after Xero’s Manager Jack Kelly interfered. The crowd in Holly on that night booed Xero out of the building. Kids were crying, old men were screaming, it was just a mess.

While that night in Holly was truly a dark day for Samson Real, vindication is upon the horizon as he looks to a rematch on October 5th at Iceland Arenas in Flint Township. Real gets a chance to chase down the title in front of his hometown crowd. With the odds in his favor, Real looks forward to evening the score with Xero and becoming the next Continental Champ.

Despite Real’s confidence going into the bout, Xero’s Manager Jack Kelly sees matters playing out a different way. Kelly was quoted as stating that “Samson Real is a flat – earth believing meat head who is crying to mama about how Nick Xero cheated. Let me tell you something Mr. Real, my client didn’t cheat. He beat you fair and square in a sanctioned PPW bout. It just happened to be right after my client lost to you, but turnabout is fair play. Right Mr. Brand?” One can only assume Jack Kelly is referring to PPW’s President of the Championship Commission Scott Brand’s recent ruling to enact 24/7 rules to Continental Title bouts after Xero was caught violating an undisclosed company policy.

The stakes have never been higher for both Xero and Real. After nearly giving up on his career, Xero has rededicated himself to pro wrestling and under the representation of Jack Kelly he’s become a championship wrestler. Something he hadn’t accomplished since the beginning of his 20 year career. Real is the new kid on the block with only a year under his belt. Real has all the tools to make it to the big time and winning the Continental Title presents a great opportunity to catch the attention of companies featuring national TV. He also wants to create a positive image for the city of Flint and inspire others to chase their dreams.

Who will come out on top? Buy a ticket and find out!

Cruiserweight Clash: Giuseppe Colonna VS “The Big Deal” Cody Manning

Cody Manning is a world traveled wrestler and coach who has won multiple championships in his ten year career. Manning is hands down one of the best Cruiserweights in Independent Wrestling and he’s not afraid to tell you about it. Manning knows he’s good. He’s one of the few wrestlers that can talk the talk and then walk the walk. However his opponent for the October 5th event Flint Iceland Arena presents a tremendous challenge. Giuseppe Colonna is a gifted mat wrestler who’s hungry for success. His competitive spirit drives him to compete at high levels and his humble attitude has made him a fan favorite. Colonna can give a beating, but what he’s best at is surviving a beating and finding a way to win. Colonna is well versed in submission wrestling and is strong enough to win of various pinning techniques. Going into this match with Manning, Colonna knows that if he wants to be contender for the Michigan State Cruiserweight Title, he’s got to go through Manning, a man who’s held the title several times before. That’s why he traveled to England to learn more technique from World of Sport legend Marty Jones, a man who has done it all in wrestling as a competitor and has also trained some of the top talent in the world for decades. This great under card bout may be one of the most exciting featured on the bill! Buy a ticket to see who comes out on top.

2nd Annual Hades Memorial Battle Royal for the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship:

Don’t miss en entire ring full of PPW grapplers frantically fighting for the most prestigious prize in the state of Michigan...The Michigan State Heavyweight Championship. US Army Veteran and reigning champion Aaron Orion has agreed to put his title on the line in honor of Hades, a fallen past PPW great. The top stars in PPW will be gunning for Orion as they attempt to clear the ring of all opposition and stake claim to the title of best wrestler in the state of Michigan.

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