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Pure Pro Wrestling Thunders Into St Johns Michigan

The VFW Post 4113 in St. John’s was rocking and rolling as the Heroes & Villains of Pure Pro Wrestling delivered yet another action packed family friendly pro wrestling event. The energy from the crowd was electric and all too infectious.

From opening bell to the final pin fall PPW produced one of the best events in their 16 year history.

Here’s a recap for those who decided to stay home:

A Samson Real Victory Turns into Anarchy!

The Nomads formula is simple: Break all the rules, disrespect the crowd, and win by any means necessary. Samson Real has been successful in tag team wrestling with his partner Tay Rizer, but singles competition is still a new concept for the budding superstar. Samson entered the ring against Nomad Road Rash knowing that the fight would not be fair, but he did it anyway. As expected Samson dominated Road Rash early on, however it didn’t take long for Nomads to distract the ref and let the numbers do the talking. Shortly after Samson took a beating from Road Rash, however the fans were screaming so loud for Samson to fight back that he came alive with a burst of adrenaline fueled by the adoration of the fans. Despite the odds, the former tag team champion fended off the Nomads and won the match with a spear.

After the pin, the crowd became deafening, but the party was short lived as The Nomads attacked Samson from behind. The Ace Evans & Road Rash knocked Samson out and then put a table in the ring. They set up Samson for a double choke slam, however guest host Eric Von Larsen of the CF Fighters tried to intervene. Samson was tossed aside and Von Larsen was given a ride he’ll never forget! After the innocent bystander went smashing through the table onto the microphone and mat, The Nomads began to viciously spew nasty remarks about the crowd and their opponents.

Suddenly Tar Rizer took to the ring to defend his partner and dropped both Nomads with a double back flipping Neckbreaker. Tay immediately went to the aid of his fallen partner which left an opportunity for his opponent Cody Manning to hit the ring and drop him with a “Snapshot,” a diving Leg Drop maneuver that Manning has used to win several matches over the years. Manning didn’t waste any time as he picked up the microphone and let the audience know who he is and what he planned to do to Tay Rizer in their title match that would happen later on the card. As Cody pulled his attention the audience, Samson began to come to and then subsequently heard what Cody was saying about his partner Tay. After hearing the insults Samson rose to his feat, picked up Manning on his shoulders and looked to throw him out like yesterdays trash. As the crowd competed over which side Samson was going to throw Cody to, The Nomads regained their composure and attacked Samson which allowed Cody to get away free from harm. Manning wasted no time joining the Nomad attack on the downed heroes.

Officials rang the bell, fans screamed for mercy, but the vile villains continued their assault. As the crowd looked on to the helpless heroes, the speakers lit up with the sound of a guitar riff, and then business picked up in a big, bad way. The “Lion of the Concrete Jungle” Gideon Malice rushed to the ring, slid under the ropes, and went straight for Manning and The Nomads. With terror in their eyes, the villains fled from the ring wanting no part of the legendary Malice, a man who once held the Michigan State Heavyweight Title for 2 years. Malice informed the crowd that payback was coming and the excitement for the remainder of the card crew in volumes!

When a Good Plan Goes Wrong: The Ballad of Cody Manning

Cody Manning is a world traveled pro wrestler and coach who had multiple title reigns a Tag Team, TV, & Cruiserweight Champion. Manning made history early in his career. He lived a double life, spent half of his time modeling professionally and the rest of time winning matches in the squared circle. After his modeling career took a turn he focused all his energy on wrestling and has become one of the best Cruiserweights in the Midwest. Going into St. John’s Manning had plans of taking the Cruiserweight Title off the waist of the young Champion Tay Rizer. Rizer is a young and ultra athletic wrestler who happens to be a fan favorite. Manning knew it was going to be a closely contested match, so he devised a plan...win the match before the bell rings.

With both wrestlers in the ring the announcer began presenting the wrestlers in the Cruiserweight title match. Manning’s announcement was echoed by a chorus of boos. Meanwhile Tay Rizer was cheered so loud that the commentary team couldn’t be heard. As Tay was caught up on the moment, he turned his back to Manning to give thanks to his supporters. And that’s when Manning’s plan took flight.

Manning attacked Rizer before he had a chance to take his vest off and hand the title over. Manning then tossed Rizer out of the ring causing him to crash to the cold hard floor below. His head bounced off the wood of the wood surface instantly concussing him. Manning didn’t stop there. He tossed and thrashed Tay’s limp body all across the VFW. Tay fought back for a little bit, but his attempt to even the score backfired and he found his way back down again. After the brutal beat down, Manning put Tay in the ring and then told the ref to ring the bell. The ref took the mic and asked the barely conscious Tay if he wanted to go through with the match. Tay, being the fighter that he is said, “hell yes, let’s go.”

Manning went into a fit of rage and continued to assault the young champion. Just as the straights couldn’t look any more dire, suddenly, without warning Tay countered Manning and rolled him up into a pin fall. This caught Manning off guard and he was not able to get his shoulders up in time. Manning was defeated and Tay lived to fight another day. With the loss Manning must now go back to the drawing board while Rizer goes on to defend his crown on another night.

Malice Scores a Victory of Ace Evans

Gideon Malice won a closely contested wrestling match turned fight against Ace Evans. Earlier in the night The Nomads put Eric Von Larsen of the CF Fighters through a table and looked to continue their path of destruction by taking out Malice. Malice, being the competitor that he is fought through the two on 1 odds and managed to stay on top of the match. As Malice looked to have it wrapped up the ref was involved in some incidental contact which caused him to hit the mat with extreme force. As the ref lay dazed Evans & Road Rash took the ref’s misfortune as an opportunity to cheat. Road Rash grabbed his hammer, Evans picked up Malice held him in place for the knockout blow. However what The Nomads didn’t know was that Eric Von Larsen refused medical treatment and was still in the backstage area. Other wrestlers were trying to talk him down, but he didn’t listen. As soon as he peeked out and saw what Road Rash was going to do Malice, Von Larsen limped to the ring, took the hammer from Rash’s hand and then struck him with it. Evans took a swing at Von Larsen, but he managed to duck it and deliver a Stunner to Evans. As a dazed Evans tried to regain his composure, Malice awoke from his slumber and put his massive paws across the throat of Evans lifted him high in the air and then sent him crashing to the mat head first. Malice picked up the pin and his victory in St. John’s sends a message to the Nomads about thinking twice before they decide to mess with Malice.

And STILL AIWF World Woman’s Champion Heidi Katrina

The British Bombshell Heidi Katrina went from the tarmac to the wrestling ring. After a long journey back to the states from Japan, Katrina entered the ring in St. John’s Michigan poised to defend her AIWF World Woman’s Championship against her arch rival Tenshi. Despite being the challenger going into the match, Tenshi held the World Woman’s Title before, in fact, it was Heidi who ended Tenshi’s title reign.

Tenshi was granted a rematch after her initial loss to Heidi. Heidi defeated Tenshi in convincing fashion, however in a stunning turn of events Tenshi’s former Manager Jack Kelly found a loophole in his contract that allowed Tenshi to have yet another rematch for the title. Tenshi reluctantly agreed to let Kelly represent her, instead of focusing on Kelly’s antics, Tenshi simply wanted to win back the title. Perhaps its no surprise to fans that Kelly’s involvement backfired and Tenshi found her self on the short end of the stick yet again.

Heidi Katrina will venture overseas yet again to defend her crown but is expected to return to PPW this Winter. We here at PPW hope she returns with the title belt, but time will tell as to how long she can hold on the claim of being the top woman in independent pro wrestling. To follow Heidi’s title run across the globe check out her Facebook at Log into Facebook | Facebook, her Twitter at Heidi Katrina ハイジ•カトリーナ (@HeidiKatrinaa) | Twitter , and her Instagram at HEIDI�KATRINA (@heidikatrinaa) • Instagram photos and videos.

Tenshi will now focus her attention to climbing back up the ladder as her Manager has left her seemingly in ruins. She now looks to her ally Gidion Malice as they’re tag team begins to gain momentum. Meanwhile closes source to Tenshi claim that Tenshi wants to become a Cruiserweight champion in the future. With her mastery of the martial arts one can easily see her becoming the next champion.

Tenshi’s next PPW appearance will be Saturday, October 5 at the Hades Memorial Battle Royal at Iceland Arenas in Flint, Mi. Tickets are on sale now!

The Junior Grapplers Level Up!

The Junior Grapplers are the only all kids pro wrestling division in America. The one-of-a-kind program is based out of PPW’s Development Center located at Iceland Arenas in Flint, Michigan. Head Coach Xavier Justice, a 20 year pro and PPW Hall of Famer along with multiple time champion Cody Manning work with the young men and women weekly to help ready the next generation of grapplers for competition. On every event PPW features a pre show bonus bouts as well as occasional feature attractions on the main cards. PPW featured 4 amazing Junior Grappler bouts in St. John’s. After the event many fans were quoted as saying that some of the kids matches were better than the adults!

Here’s a quick recap:

The 24 Karat Kid Steals a W Away from Kaneki w/ the Help of Manager Jack Kelly

Despite the personal feelings of 99% of the fans who attend live events, Manager Jack Kelly has a nose for talent. Who would have expected Kelly would have lead the charge for Tenshi to become one of the most dominant World Woman’s Champions in AIFW history? Who could have predicted that Kelly could be responsible for the revitalization of Nick Xero’s career which ultimately lead to his reign a Continental Champion? While fans spend most of their time yelling at Kelly at ringside, credit earned is credit due and Jack Kelly clearly has a knack for signing talent. So the news that Kelly signed a Junior Grappler to his growing list of clients comes as no surprise.

The 24 Karat Kid is a blue chip Junior Grappler Standout with a bright future between the ropes. His naturally athletic and charismatic. He can talk the talk, but more importantly he can walk the walk. The 24K Kid has signed contract for Kelly to represent him and his “business affairs.” Kelly was ringside for the big match up between the 15 year old sensation Kaneki and his client who he calls “THE Kid.”

The match was close and after ten minutes of back and forth athletic moves, counters, and reversals, Kaneki seemed to be closing in well deserved win. The 24K Kid caught the receiving end of a Super Kick and found himself on the mat looking up at the lights. As Kaneki went for the pin, Jack Kelly climbed up to the apron and drew the attention of the ref to him. Meanwhile Kaneki had a pin that could have been a ten count. As fans screamed at Kelly, Kaneki went to Kelly looking to lay him out. Meanwhile “The Kid” started stirring. Kaneki took a swing, Kelly moved, “The Kid” rolled him up, stacked him, pulled the tights, and pinned him for the 1-2-3. The fans nearly lost their minds!

After the match Kaneki still got a rousing ovation from the fans in attendance and The 24K Kid & his manager Jack Kelly were booed right out of the building.

Sargent EJ Scores a Win Over the Overtaker, But at What Cost?

The “American Patriot” Sargent EJ loves his country and he loves his “wrasslin.” This young man trains hard each and every week at the PPW Development Center and wants to become the best wrestler he can be. His opponent The Overtaker is dark and menacing young man who’s aspirations of becoming a funeral director has seemingly gotten the best of him. The Overtaker is out to “dig holes and take souls and his hunting ground is the Junior Grappler Division.”

When the 2 Junior Grapplers locked horns in St. John’s the crowd was on the edge of their seats. Nearly even in size, early in the match neither wrestler could gain a firm advantage. As the war waged on, The Overtaker decided to take matters in his own hands and delivered a series of devastating strikes. Sargent EJ used the ropes to keep himself on his feet and tried to move from corner to corner to give himself the time and separation he needed to defend himself. The Overtaker’s attack was relentless, however EJ found an opening and scored a series of moves that created some near falls. The Overtaker fought back, tried to deliver a Choke Slam to EJ, but EJ countered his attempt into a Sleeper Hold and took the win! After the match Coach XJ & Ref Gary Neely went to check on The Overtaker, as they neared his prone body they were startled as The Overtaker suddenly sat up and began looking for his adversary. Its clear that this is only the beginning between these two fine young grapplers.

Hannah Henderson Loses to Newcomer Alexis Royal in First Ever Junior Grappler Ladies Match

History was made in St. John’s as two of the Junior Grapplers brightest bulbs, Hannah Henderson and Alexis Royal competed in the first ever Junior Ladies Bout in PPW history. 17 year old Hannah Henderson made her debut over the Summer of 2019 at the Genesee County Fair. She become an instantly attached the crowd as her fighting spirit was proudly displayed. Since her debut she’s continued to turn heads as she trained hard each week to become a successful pro wrestler. Alexis Royal is a tweenage elite athlete who’s incredible size, strength, and agility were on full display in St. John’s. Despite being several years younger, the athletically gifted Alexis had more height and weight than the older Hanah Henderson. Early in the match Hannah was thrown around like a rag doll, however her quick thinking allowed her to grab a painful wrist lock that would slow Alexis down. The Alexis tried to reverse the lock, was successful at first, but the faster Henderson reversed it right back. Finally anger got the best of Alexis and she grabbed Hannah by the hair and threw her into the corner where she began taking control of the match. Alexis had several opportunities to beat Hannah, however some how Hannah kept kicking out. The crowd was firmly behind young Hannah and that helped her to come from behind and nearly pick up a win over Alexis. Despite the best efforts of Hannah, Alexis was able to counter a Full Nelson into a pin and took the victory. After a hard fought match these two young ladies are expected to wrestle again in the near future.

Tank Survives Rampage in St. John's

Rampage is a 17 year old 6'2 200+ pound power house Junior Grappler who's on a mission to dominate all his competition. Tank is a fan favorite human highlight real who has mastered the technique of the spear from an early age. These two Junior Goliaths went toe-to-toe in St. John's in front of an excited wrestling crowd. The match was back and forth with no wrestler gaining a clear advantage. When the two grapplers were in the corner the ref called for a break, however Rampage took the opportunity to throw a cheap shot that would change the course of the match. With Tank reeling, Rampage threw some heavy blows at Tank hoping to get a W. The fans in St. John's were behind Tank and started chanting his name. After feeling the energy from his supporters Tank found a way to dig down deep and nail Rampage with a devastating Spear that was enough to score a victory. 

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