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Stone Rockwell Roasts Flint Crowd, Gideon Malice Gets Payback

International star and WWE PC Coach Stone Rockwell made his much anticipated PPW debut at Concrete Jungle this past March 7th. Standing over 6 feet and weighing 250 pounds, Rockwell looked to be stiff competition against the legendary Gideon Malice, but when Rockwell started insulting the fans at Flint Iceland Arenas, Malice found some extra motivation to take down Rockwell.

After several minutes of insults, including naming Flint “as the source of the Corona Virus” and warning people to stay away from the cities “water & women” Malice hit the ring with purpose and unleashed all his might. To his credit Rockwell mounted some impressive offense and put Malice through an excruciating amount of pain while attacking his arm with several variations of wrist locks and arm bars, but in the end Malice put Rockwell out to pasture with a two handed Choke Bomb. Stone left the arena with his head in his hands, meanwhile Malice looks to RETROSLAM on 4.4 at Flint Iceland Arenas.

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