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Pure Pro Wrestling – November 2 2019 – Flint Iceland Arena - Event Card

Welcome to the first ever Pure Pro Wrestling Tag Team Invitational! Seven of the top tag teams in PPW will be randomly paired with one singles wrestler to compete in a three round, 6 person tag team tournament with the winners receiving top contender status in their respective competitive divisions. Each round will be held at Flint Iceland Arena. Round 1 will take place this Saturday, Round 2 will take place on December 7th, and the finale will be in January with the date TBD.

Check out these wild pairings and epic Round 1 matches:

Team VIP (Dylan Night & Mr. One Night Only) & Cody Manning VS Mystery Team

Dylan Night & Mr. One Night Only are former rivals who earned respect for one another and are now chasing their dream of becoming the tag team champions. Cody Manning is an arrogant retired model turned wrestler who “works best alone.” It will be interesting to see if this team can coexist. The always outlandish Mr. One Night Only loves the spotlight, but Manning isn’t willing to share. The veteran Dyan Night may spend more time as a mediator rather than a wrestler as the three step into the ring against opponents that will not be revealed until this Saturday night. PPW Officials have stated that they’re bringing back one of the most successful tag teams in PPW history to compete in the tournament.

Tenshi, Gideon Malice, & Jack Kelly VS Michigan Tag Team Champions The Destroyers & Nick Xero

PPW Online was shocked to learn that Licensed Manager Jack Kelly has been placed on the team of legendary PPW veterans Tenshi & Gideon Malice. This past week Jack Kelly made his pro wrestling debut at a Ringside Mentors assembly at Flint Southwestern Academy. Kelly wrestled and defeated Cody Manning much to the surprise of everyone in attendance. After a successful debut, PPW officials have included him in this tournament albeit against his will. Now Kelly must team with his former clients, Tenshi & Malice. Both PPW legends absolutely loath Kelly and would love to see him on the other side of the ring instead of in their corner. To make this even crazier, Kelly will have to wrestle against his current client “Nasty” Nick Xero. Sources close to Xero have confirmed that Xero is furious and “wants nothing to do with this match.” However PPW Officials have confirmed that if Xero doesn’t compete his team will be removed from the tournament and pay will be withheld. The PPW Michigan State Tag Team Champions Cobra TA & Freedom Ramsay of The Destroyers told PPW Online that “Xero better show up on Saturday or we’re going looking for him.” With Ramsay & Cobra already holding titles, their plan is to win the tournament and challenge the singles champions. Cobra wants another run as Heavyweight Champion and Ramsay has his eyes on the Cruiserweight Title. With such wild pairings, this match is sure to be full of surprises. Don’t miss out!

The Nomads VS The Brothers Grey & Father Time

The Nomads are the most decorated team of wrestlers in PPW history. Each member has held multiple championships and as a cohesive team, no one does it better. Whether you love them or hate them there’s no denying that The Nomads always find a way to get the job done, case in point “Nomad Enforcer” CJ Anderson defeated international super star Kongo Kong just last weekend in Saginaw. As we approach the Tag Team Invitational, CJ Anderson will lead the team of Road Rash & Moe Evans w/ Nomad founder Ace Evans in their corner as added support. They’ll face a young and hungry team of The Brothers Grey & multiple time champion Father Time. The Brothers Grey are PPW Development Center students who hope to make a name for themselves by taking on PPW’s toughest group. Jimi & Jheras Grey have shown much potential since debuting over the summer. They are a nice blend of power and speed with Jheras providing the muscle and Jimi striking hard and fast. Their team member Time is a former Michigan State Tag Team and Heavyweight Champion. Time was out of action for a year after successfully defeating prostate cancer and making his comeback. Now Time is hungry for competition and hopes to lead this team of young guns against a veteran Nomad team. To add an extra layer of complication to this match, lets not forget that last Saturday night The Brothers Grey were embarrassed after losing the Time Lock Challenge in Saginaw. Jimi & Jheras lost their temper and attacked Time which backfired terribly. Going into this match anything can happen!

The Real Rizers & Kaneki:

Drawing a first round bye, The Real Rizers have been paired w/ the 15 year old sensation Kaneki who is a rising star in PPW’s Junior Grappler Division. Kaneki is a natural in the ring and his hard work and dedication has earned him matches against both adults and juniors where he has competed an extremely high level. His partners The Real Rizers go into the tournament as singles champions. Tay Rizer is the proud holder of the Michigan State Cruiserweight Title meanwhile Samson Real is the holder of the 24/7 AIWF Continental Championship. With this team drawing a bye the first round they’ll be at an advantage as they wait to see how round 1 shakes down. This trio will make their debut in Round 2 of the Tag Team Invitational in December. In the meantime Kaneki will be cheering on “Flint’s Beatdown Boys” as they go into two of the biggest matches of their lives this Saturday night. Rizer will be defending his crown against James Alexander and Samson Real will challenge DTA leader Aaron Orion for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title.

Double Main Events This Saturday:

If the three first round match ups weren’t enough to get you excited about PPW’s return to Flint Iceland Arena this Saturday night, here’s two of the biggest matches of the year to add a little icing to the cake!

King of Flint Championship Bout – 810’s Finest Fight for Michigan’s Heavyweight Title:

DTA Leader Aaron Orion defends against Samson Real

DTA Leader and the reigning Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Aaron Orion captured the most prestigious prize in Michigan this past Summer after dethroning the legendary Gideon Malice thus ending his two year reign as champ. His win was celebrated by the city that raised him, his fans proudly displayed their DTA shirts everywhere they went. Flint was proud of their hometown hero, a man who has served for the US Army, a man who helped to revive wrestling in Flint. At the same time that Orion captured Michigan’s Heavyweight Title, Orion also won several other championships from some of the top promotions in America and Canada. With his stock rising Orion began to change inside. The once proud Flint native grew a giant ego and turned his back on his fans. His entire demeanor changed. He went from signing autographs and taking pictures in the ring with fans to snubbing them at every corner. His fellow DTA members joined in on the big headed behavior by publicly making fun of the residents in Flint. The Death Threat Army went from being the most loved group in Michigan to the most hated in a matter of a few weeks. Now “The Vehicle City Villain” Aaron Orion has showed his true colors and he is out to prove to Flint that he is the King of the 810.

On the other end of the ring is another proud Flint native and fan favorite Samson Real. Going into this match Real is on fire after defeating Orion and keeping his Continental Championship in Saginaw last weekend. Going into the match, Real is confident in his ability to become the Michigan’s Heavyweight Champion and more than anything he wants to beat Orion “to give the Flint fans the champion they deserve.” In a recent interview Real went onto explain that “He has nothing but love for this city. He was born and raised in Flint and continues to live here in hopes that his success in wrestling can inspire the city to Rize Up against the conditions keeping the citizens down.” Samson Real wants to become the king of the 810, dreams about capturing Michigan’s most prestigious title belt, and hopes to get rid of the Vehicle City Villain once and for all.

The stage has been set for one of the biggest battles for the big belt in PPW history. The question remains, will you sit at home and miss out or will you join us at ringside?

Michigan State Cruiserweight Championship – No DQ: Tay Rizer defends against James Alexander

Tay Rizer is a Flint native who grew up with big dreams of making it as a pro wrestler. Now his life has come full circle as he proudly defends his cruiserweight crown against one of Michigan’s top pro wrestlers, “Perfection Personified” James Alexander. This won’t be the first time these two incredible athletes have wrestled. Rizer has defeated Alexander once, however it became deeply personal after Alexander nearly ended his career with a post match attack. The last two matches these two men have ended in a DQ with both men losing their cool and getting themselves in trouble with the officials. With tensions at an all time high and the fans hungry to see an outcome, PPW Officials have made this Saturday night’s match void of all disqualifications. That means that both Rizer & Alexander are free to do whatever they please as long as a clear cut winner is decided. With James Alexander fresh off his WWE TV appearances his confidence is at an all time high, however Rizer’s passion for winning cannot be discounted as we approach this huge title fight Saturday night. Don’t miss the war to settle the score! Buy your ticket today!

Don’t Miss PPW’s Pre Show Bouts Featuring Junior Grapplers & Future Contenders!

One of the best part of coming to a PPW even is to see the future of wrestling develop in front of your very eyes. PPW’s Development Center produces some of the top talent in pro wrestling. Their revolutionary Junior Grapplers program features training for kids as young as 5 and as old as 17. When Juniors age out they switch to the Future Contenders program featuring adult students hoping to break into the wrestling business. This Saturday night will feature a great pre show featuring matches from both Juniors and Future Contenders.

Fans can expect to see several fast and furious matches featuring Junior Grappler Greats Tank, Rage, Repentless, Ryott, The Dab Kyng, Hannah Henderson & more!

In the main event fans will see a Junior VS F.C. bout as the 15 year old sensation Kaneki takes on Future Contender Ryan Bradford.

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