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Owosso Event Recap - March 23, 2019

The Grappler Club defeat DTA’s Adam Wick & Baron Bedlam

Baron Bedlam is a student at PPW’s Development Center who’s looking to break into the business. With DTA being one of the most in demand groups in all of independent wrestling, Bedlam asked for a tryout match to be considered to be a “recruit” for DTA. DTA’s leader Aaron Orion gave Wick the nod to try him out against an up and coming team of super heavyweights known as “The Grappler Club.” Wick & Bedlam fought hard, but the lack of experience of the young recruit hopeful cost the team a win and the mysterious grappling duo picked up the 1-2-3. The Grappler Club hope to climb the ranks of PPW’s tough tag team division, meanwhile Bedlam is back to square one in his quest to join the PPW ranks.

Repentless Leads his Team to Victory During the Jr. Grappler 6 Kid Tag Team Match in Owosso

The Jr. Grapplers put on an awesome display in a 6 Kid Tag Team Match featuring the team of Repentless, Ryott, & Rage taking on Tank, The Overtaker, & The Lone Wolf. Repentless lead his team in an all out attack that nearly ended the match early, but the power of Team Tank evened the score. After a back and forth contest it was Repentless who nailed a Stunner on Tank to pick up the victory.

Dab King. & “Radical” Eli Roberts Show the Fans in Owosso a Great Jr. Grappler Display

What started as a friendly exhibition of between 6 year old D.K. & 5 year old “Radical” Eli Roberts turned into a full blown wrestling match as D.K. angered Roberts after he hit his signature “Dab” dance step after a near pin. As soon as Roberts threw a clothesline it was on and the two went back and forth exchanging some pretty impressive maneuvers for kids their age. At the end of the match it was Dab King who picked up a submission victory after an impressive arm bar. These two young grapplers certainly have a bright future ahead of them.

Dylan Derringer Scores the Upset Win While Handing Mr. One Night Only his Second Loss

Straight out of the PPW Development Center in Flint Township, Dylan Derringer scores a huge win over Mr. One Night Only, a man who many feel is one of the top cruiserweights in the state of Michigan. Mr. One Night Only is less than a month removed from his “Extreme Rules” match with Dylan Night and was still showing the damage in Owosso when he stepped into the ring with Derringer. Although One Night wasn’t at his best, he was still more than Derringer could handle through most of the match. It was a simple mistake caused by fatigue that allowed Derringer to score a roll up pin and take a W away from Owosso. The young competitor Derringer appears to be a class act as he openly acknowledged that One Night “wasn’t at his best and appeared to be in pain before the match.” He also went on to say that he “respected his fighting spirit going into the match injured.” With health and fatigue being a factor going into the match PPW officials may look to book a rematch some time this Spring. Both Derringer & Mr. One Night Only welcome the opportunity to lock up once again.

Cobra Cuts Down Dre Jacobs in Epic Super Heavyweight Showdown

Dre Jacobs made his return to PPW in epic fashion as he dazzled the audience in attendance in Owosso. Jacobs defies gravity and does the impossible although he has the frame of a super heavyweight. He’s self – described as a cruiserweight trapped in a heavyweight’s body, and after seeing him in action against the multiple time champ Cobra T.A. ,fans and officials can see why. Although Dre gave it all he had, Cobra caught him at a disadvantage and dropped him with version of the cutter that he calls the “Snakebite.” The victory by Cobra puts him one step closer to challenging for a championship. Meanwhile Dre is entering talks with PPW to be featured wrestler on a regular basis.

Cody Manning Returns to PPW to Win the Gender War in Owosso

“The Big Deal” Cody Manning is a world traveled multiple time champion/model/actor who is one of the most hated wrestlers in PPW history. Fans can’t stand his arrogant attitude, chauvinistic behavior, his complete and utter lack or regard for the rules. Manning returned to the PPW ring in Owosso after completing a modeling/wrestling/acting tour in Asia that included stops in India, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Nepal, Singapore, & North Korea. In typical Manning fashion he called out the AIWF World Women’s Champion Tenshi and told her “she should be making him a sandwich not wrestling.” Tenshi’s Manager Jack Kelly took exception to the misogynistic remarks and gave Tenshi permission to face Manning in a 1-on-1 match. Tenshi fought valiantly during the match and on many occasions nearly scored a pin, however Manning cheated once again and picked up a win despite the chorus of boos from the Owosso crowd. After the match Manning stated that he “will be at Flint Iceland Arenas on April 6 to claim what is rightfully his.” One can only assume that he means the Cruiserweight Title currently scheduled to be awarded to the Clash of the Cruiserweights tournament winner Big Bite Martinez. Manning technically never lost the title, it was removed from his waste due to a lack of defense while he was overseas. As a result of this fact, its clear that he looks at himself as a champion. Meanwhile Tenshi moves on to her next title defense against newcomer Alex $ky.

The Real Rizers & Xavier Justice Score a Controversial Win Over the Nomads After Dylan Night Interjects as Ref

In an all out six man tag team war Xavier Justice and the PPW Tag Team Champions The Real Rizers took on the Nomads to settle a longstanding score. The Rizers took the titles off the Nomads nearly a month ago and Justice has been at odds with The Nomads for many years. As the two teams went back and forth dishing out their worst forms of punishment the crowd went wild. Just as the heroes Justice & The Real Rizers looked to score a win, The Nomads attacked the heroes with weapons intentionally ending the match because it gave them an opportunity to take out their rivals once and for all. As the end drew closer for XJ & the Rizers, Dylan Night hit the ring and announced that he been made Head Official for the night and he was ordered the match to be restarted. The battered Justice & Rizers made their way to their feet and gave everything they had and after a few minutes of action the hero team pulled out the win while the crowd went wild! Despite the win, the Nomads have a valid complaint against the outcome of the match and vow to get revenge on Dylan Night for sticking his nose in “club business.” They also assured the fans that the war with the Real Rizers was just beginning. The Nomads will face The Real Rizers & Father Time on April 6 at Flint Iceland Arenas. Tickets are still available!

Junior Grapplers “Revved Up” Raleigh & “Global Flyer” Drake Steal the show in Owosso

For the past several months “Revved Up” Raleigh & “Global Flyer” Drake have been training at the PPW Development Center as part of the Junior Grapplers program headed by Coach Xavier Justice. These two talented young athletes work hard every day in class and their passion and dedication showed as they put their talent on display on March 23 in Owosso. Fans couldn’t believe their eyes as Drake & Raleigh gave fans the match of the night. Drake scored the win in a hard fought, competitive match that resulted in Raleigh losing his temper and shoving down the official after he counted the pin. Despite the poor display of sportsmanship, Raleigh and Drake proved to the fans that the Junior Grapplers do belong in the ring and that they are indeed the future of PPW. Many fans in attendance were amazed by the performance that Raleigh, Drake, and the other grapplers displayed in front of the sold out crowd.

Gideon Malice Survives Aaron Orion in Owosso – Potential Rematch in the Works

In what’s being called “the hardest hitting match of 2019” Gideon Malice scored a win over DTA’s Aaron Orion to remain the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion. After a year of successful title defenses, Orion clearly gave Malice the hardest defense of his tenure as champion. Orion was a house of fire as he busted out the big guns on the monster man known as Malice. Orion threw a variety of devastating strikes, slams, suplexes, and submissions in an attempt to dethrone PPW’s Alpha Gideon Malice. Despite the impact of each blow, Malice found a way to kick out of the count time and time again. An exhausted and battered Orion decided to go for one last knockout blow, but Malice caught his arm and then suplexed him into the corner causing Orion to bash his head into bottom turnbuckle comprised of unforgiving steel. Somehow Orion managed to make it to his feet, but his efforts were futile as Malice his his signature two handed choke bomb to put the final touches on the battle tested Army veteran Orion. The match got a standing ovation from the audience in attendance at Owosso and many fans have sent multiple messages asking for a rematch to be signed immediately. With that being said, Malice is scheduled to defend his title on March 30 in Charlotte, MI against Solomon Stone. If he should defeat Stone, then he will go on to face Orion in a rematch on April 6 at Flint Iceland Arenas. If he loses, Stone will be the next champion and Orion will be first in line to challenge.

Things are heating up this March, stay tuned for more details.

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