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The Moments, Memories, and Madness of MANDURANCE at the 2019 Genesee County Fair

For over 15 years Pure Pro Wrestling has been one of the top attractions of the Genesee County Fair held annually in Mt. Morris, Michigan. The fair is nearly 200 years old and is one of the oldest fairs in the U.S. Each and every year PPW produces 7 days of family friendly pro wrestling featuring a mixture of top PPW stars and up & coming wrestlers trying to make a name. If 7 days of wrestling isn’t impressive, how about hosting 3 shows per day? That’s right, with the exception of Sunday, PPW hosts 3 events per day giving wrestling fans a total of 20 unique events to enjoy FREE w/ the price of admission to the fair.

Mandurance has an atmosphere unlike any other wrestling event in the state of Michigan. Pro Wrestling started in the carnival circuit, therefor once could deduce that going back to the roots of the “sport” provides an extra boost of inspiration for wrestlers as they step between the ropes. The energy of the crowds are infectious, the performances from the wrestlers are daring, and the 9PM main events are reminiscent to the golden age of wrestling long since passed and yet have the intoxicating action of the athletic spectacles featured in this prominent generation of grappler greats.

2019’s Mandurance was a sight to behold, check out some of the great moments from this years Genesee County Fair:

The Junior Grapplers Take Center Stage

When Monday hit and PPW kicked off its first of 20 events the crowd was silent, many were rubbing their eyes in disbelief, others were quick to grab their phones and take pictures as if they were witnessing a paradigm shift. What they saw was something they had never seen before. Kids...in a wrestling ring...wrestling...what madness is this? Despite the initial reactions it didn’t take long for the fans to realize that the kids in the ring were doing something amazing and highly entertaining. Throughout the course of the week the Junior Grapplers won the hearts of the audience over by steadily producing entertaining matches. The kids in attendance especially loved their performances! Hats off to the Junior Grapplers for an incredible week!

The Debut of Hannah Henderson

If you met Hannah Henderson on the street you would never guess that she’s a wrestler. The shy 17 year old isn’t big in brooding like other women wrestlers, in fact she’s quite the opposite. You would expect Hannah to be a typical High School aged kid, but there’s an old saying...never judge a book by its cover. Hannah has been training at the Pure Pro Wrestling Develpment Center for the past few months. Although her experience is limited, her learning curve is fast and her passion for learning the art of wrestling is through the roof. After recognizing what may be locked away deep down inside of Hannah, PPW’s Head Coach Xavier Justice decided to give her a match. What happened next was like witnessing a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Despite the nervousness and inexperience, Hannah exploded in a fire ball in the ring, won her first match, but more importantly her energy and nature won over the entire crowd. Hannah went on to wrestle in several matches during the fair. She was even involved in the first ever Junior Grappler Street Fight where she defeated Junior Grappler standout The 24 Karat Kid.

The Return of Patient Zero

For many years the Genesee County Fair featured a foreboding grappler by the name of Patient Zero. When envisioning a pro wrestler in one’s mind, fans typically think of super athletes with big muscles, not clinically insane blue collar build mental ward patients who use pro wrestling as a source of therapy. After spending years in the infamous Arkham Asylum Zero found refuge and treatment through a rigorous dose of pro wrestling training and competition. With pro wrestling as his prescribed drug Patient Zero slowly got better, in fact he recovered his sanity to the point where he no longer needed to wrestle to keep a balance. In fact, Zero returned to the real world, worked a factory job, joined a softball team, and tried to live like an average Joe. But then the familiar voices came calling again one night causing Zero to spiral out of control and end up right back in Arkham Asylum where he is once again being treated with “wrestling therapy.” Although its unconventional, wrestling, inflicting pain and getting pins all while hearing the roar of the crowd keeps Zero from going off the edge. Upon returning to the ring at Mandurance Zero picked up a series of victories over several PPW wrestlers. Will Zero’s “good doctor” prescribe some more wrestling soon? Stay tuned to find out!

The 15 Year Old Sensation Kaneki Steps into a Man’s World & Lives to Tell About It

For nearly a year Kaneki, a fifteen year old Clio area student has been training to live out his dream by becoming a pro wrestler. Kaneki has been training hard both in the Junior Grappler Program & in PPW’s adult “Future Contenders” program. This standout student scored several wins early in the fair, however the attention he was getting from the crowd angered some of the adult PPW wrestlers and they decided to try to teach the young man a lesson which ultimately lead to some pretty intense “Inner Generation” wrestling matches. Although Kaneki took several LEGALLY SANCTIONED beatings, he kept coming back for more. In fact, Kaneki scored victories over the Brothers Grey and one of PPW’s most decorated wrestlers Cody Manning. After a week of wrestling Mandurance Kaneki proved that he has what it takes to be a boy in a man’s world.

The Real Rizers Fail to Recapture the Tag Team Titles

After a tough loss to the Nomads in Saginaw a few months back the one time Tag Team Champions The Real Rizers looked poised to regain their lost crowns as they went into the Genesee County Fair. The Nomads managed to lose the titles to Tenshi & Malice and PPW wasted no time scheduling a match between the new champs and the Real Rizers. Tay Rizer is on a role, in fact he went into the match holding the Michigan State Cruiserweight Championship. His partner Samson Real had been steamrolling opponents both in tag team and singles competition. However despite momentum being on their side, The Real Rizers couldn’t find a way to defeat the legendary team of Malice & Tenshi. The Rizers fought hard, but it wasn’t enough. There’s no shame in losing to Malice & Tenshi. Malice is the longest reigning champion in PPW history. His 2 year title run as Michigan State Heavyweight Champion are the stuff legends are made of. Tenshi on the other hand held the AIWF World Woman’s Title for over a year. An impressive feat considering how many amazing women wrestlers are out there competing today. Despite the loss the Real Rizers confidence has not been shaken. They believe they are the best tag team in Michigan and they are out to prove it by “Rizing up” to the next challengers.

Xavier Justice Returns to the Ring After a Six Month Absence

The Founder, Owner, & Head Coach of Pure Pro Wrestling has spent the past 20 years of his life performing, coaching, and promoting professional wrestling. The founding father of PPW has worked day and night for over 15 years to make Pure Pro Wrestling the largest and only touring brand of pro wrestling in the state of Michigan. Inside the ring Justice is a PPW Hall of Famer who is a multiple time Michigan State Heavyweight & Tag Team Champion. However this past March Justice quietly stepped back from in ring competition to focus on promoting and coaching. Justice is no stranger to the Genesee County Fair, in fact some of his most memorable matches took place at Mandurance. Folks who have been a fan of PPW for years still talk about the wars Justice had with Kris Korvis, Sebastian Rose, Hades, & Dixie Muscle. Justice created many memorable moments over the years for fans who attended the fair, especially when he went one-on-one with his arch rival Cody Manning. In fact, it was Cody Manning who goaded Justice away from his backstage duties to get in the ring and have one more fight. By the end of the night, after 20 minutes of carnage, chants from the crowd, and a chair assisted submission, Manning had many regrets about rekindling the flame of Justice. Although he didn’t wrestle 20 matches at this past year’s Mandurance, Justice was able to give his fans one more thrill on a warm Saturday night.

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