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Twas the Fight Before Christmas – Holland December 2019 Event Recap

Updated: Jan 17

Heavyweights Collide: Gideon Malice Tops Cobra T.A. in Holland

In the opening contest of Twas the Fight Before Christmas in Holland, Michigan, Gideon Malice and Cobra T.A. went to war for nearly 15 minutes. Both wrestlers are cut from an old school cloth and are well known as two of the most powerful athletes in the state of Michigan. At 6’4 240 pounds, Malice has reached legendary status after a 2 year run as Michigan’s Heavyweight Champion. He is known as the pro wrestler holding the record for the longest title reign in Michigan history. His adversary Cobra TA is currently one half of Michigan’s Tag Team Champions and has his own impressive run as heavyweight champ. The ring was deafening in Holland as these two animals tore each other to shreds knowing that a win would put them one step closer to more championships around their waste. When the dust settled it was Malice who was victorious after surviving an onslaught of powerful moves by Cobra TA. Looking ahead into 2020 a win over the current tag team champion will put Malice in a unique spot to either challenge for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title or go after The Destroyers Michigan State Tag Team Titles with his partner Tenshi. Malice is scheduled to compete on New Years Eve against TNA Impact Original “The Fro Gun” D Ray 3000. The event will be FREE and will be hosted by Mount Hope Church in Grand Blanc. Tickets for the event can be claimed online at www.newyearsknockout.com

The Nomads Hug it Out After Inner a Squad Rivalry Gets Worked Out

For the first time ever The Nomads found themselves in a rare position of turmoil among the ranks. Nomad Founder Ace Evans has been at his wits end trying to find a way to resolve the feud between the club enforcer CJ Anderson and the clubs tune up man Road Rash. After a vicious attack by Road Rash in Flint a few weeks ago, Anderson challenged Road Rash to a fight in Holland where Ace Evans decided he would be the right guy to ref. Evans also added a special stipulation...the loser had to LEAVE the Nomads. As the rowdy Holland crowd watched in anticipation, Anderson and Road Rash tore into one another. Evans let everything go, including the use of a sledge hammer! In the end after a back and forth beat down, Anderson used the ropes for added leverage and pinned Road Rash. After the match Road Rash was visibly upset that his journey with the Nomads had come to an end. As Road Rash went to hit the open road solo, Anderson and Evans had a chat, tore up the match contract and welcomed Road Rash back to the fold. In a teary eyed emotional moment, the fans chanted for the burly boys to hug it out. The usually tough-guy Nomads hugged it out and then did a surprise McChicken Salute to the Holland fans. Chicken patties went flying everywhere! Fans can catch the Nomads in action on New Years Eve in Grand Blanc and January 4th at Iceland Arena in Flint Township! For more info visit www.pureprowrestling.net.

Hannah Henderson Earns Tenshi’s Respect After Closely Contested Bout in Holland

At Twas the Fight Before Christmas in Holland, Michigan, PPW’s “Warrior Princess” Tenshi locked up with Hannah Henderson for the first time. Henderson is a rookie upstart who has been training at the PPW Development Center at Flint Iceland Arenas since last Summer. With nearly 15 years of in ring experience, Tenshi is former AIWF World Woman’s Champion and former Michigan State Tag Team Champion. Henderson began her career in PPW in the Junior Grappler division, however she’s been training in both the junior and adult classes trying to get as much ring time as possible. An opportunity to face Tenshi was the shot she had been waiting for to show fans that she’s ready for a bigger stage.

The match was very one sided in the early moments. Tenshi played mind games and nearly squeezed the life out of Henderson as she burried a headlock into the rookie for nearly 2 minutes. As Henderson kept trying to escape, Tenshi would find a way to keep the hold or separate and then get back into the hold keeping Henderson in pain and frustrated early on. Tenshi dealt the first big blow of the match, a stiff shoulder tackle that forced Henderson to go crashing to the mat back first. The impact was so fierce that Henderson hit the back of her head. The dazed young grappler rolled out of the ring to try to gain her composure, but things weren’t looking good and Henderson knew it.

With her confidence down and the intimidating Tenshi beckoning her to get back into the ring for more, Hannah Henderson nearly gave up. She began to walk to the backstage area as she felt overwhelmed thinking she may have bitten off more than she could chew. Just as Henderson went to make her exit in shame, the fans in Holland began chanting her name. The loyal Holland fans breathed a new sense of confidence into the young lady and her once slumping shoulders rose with purpose and a glimmer of fire illuminated her eyes. She was now poised to get back into the ring and do what she came to Holland to do...To prove to the loyal PPW fans that she was ready to compete with the big dogs.

When Henderson got back in to the fight she brought it in every sense of the word. She attacked Tenshi’s left arm, trying to weaken her ability to throw strikes. She took control of the former champion for a nice stretch until Tenshi’s experience showed. Tenshi turned the tables once again and began taking to the offensive. The veteran threw some of her best moves at Henderson, but this time it was different. Hannah wouldn’t quit. Kick out after kick out, the frustration grew for the Warrior Princess. The crowd once again began chanting “Hannah, Hannah, Hannah.” And with every chant, the young fighter began to show life. Suddenly out of nowhere, Henderson mounted a last ditch offensive attack. She threw every ounce of energy she had left at Tenshi knowing that if this last shot didn’t take her out, then she would be in troubled waters without a paddle.

Henderson threw a hay maker clothesline that sent Tenshi crashing to the mat, but much to Henderson’s surprise, Tenshi got right back up. Next Hannah threw a vicious elbow at Tenshi landing the blow directly over her heart. Bam! Tenshi went down again reeling in pain, but somehow she found a way to get right back up! Henderson knew she had to go big or she was going home a loser, so she whipped Tenshi into the corner turn buckle as hard as she could. Tenshi nailed the buckles back first, Henderson charged and threw her a flying cross body into the midsection of Tenshi causing her to fall to her butt in the corner. Without hesitation, Henderson darted across the ring, hit the ropes and delivered a running boot to Tenshi’s face. This was her moment. Henderson went for the pin and the ref began to count 1…2...Tenshi kicked out!

Henderson knew that she had nothing left in her tank, but her fans willed her to continue to compete. With every muscle in her body burning, Henderson lifted Tenshi up, forced her to the ropes and tried to send her off the opposite ropes for one last attempt at taking the veteran out. As the crowd moved to the edge of their seats, Henderson began the Irish Whip, but suddenly Tenshi pivoted, reversed the whip and delivered an unforgiving kick to the back of Henderson’s head. The rookie dropped to her knees and then Tenshi locked in a Dragon Sleeper. Tenshi had her knee buried deep into Henderson’s back and had her head stretched back like a Pez Dispenser. The pain was excruciating. There was no choice left...Henderson tapped out.

After the match, Tenshi helped the young Henderson to her feet and in an incredible act of sportsmanship bowed to her to show Henderson that she had earned respect. Henderson may not have won the match, but she certainly won over the Holland crowd that night. Both Tenshi & Henderson are scheduled for PPW’s FREE New Year’s Eve event in Grand Blanc as well as the January 4th event at Iceland Arena in Flint Township. For more info on both events visit www.pureprowrestling.net.

Asmodeus & His Dark Apprentice Kaneki Pick Up a Win Over the Real Rizers

Flint Town’s Beatdown boys traveled to West Michigan to take on the relentless duo of the Dark Lord Asmodeus & Kaneki. The fans in Holland showed Tay Rizer and his partner Michigan’s Heavyweight Champion Samson Real a lot of love as they stood toe-to-toe against their evil adversaries. For several weeks the dark duo has been attempting to get under the skin of both Rizer and Real. The powerful Asmodeus destroyed Tay Rizer in Ferndale to send a message to Samson Real that he was coming for his title. At Twas the Fight Before Christmas in Holland, with the stakes high, all four wrestlers threw fists for nearly 15 minutes. The 6’4 245 pound veteran Asmodeus took advantage of a distracted ref and blasted Samson with a sledge hammer which allowed Tay to get singled out and pinned. The win over the Real Rizers puts Asmodeus in the top spot to face Samson Real for the Heavyweight Title. If Samson’s title reign survives the NYE event, Asmodeus will take on the champ January 4th at Flint Iceland Arena. Tickets are on sale now at www.pureprowrestling.net.

Cody Manning Picks Up the W over Max Morison Earning Top Cruiserweight Contender Status

One Big Night’s Cody Manning just picked up a huge singles win over Max Morrison in Holland, Michigan after a closely contested match in front of a rowdy VFW crowd. Manning is a world traveled wrestler and coach who has multiple title reigns in both singles and tag team competition. Morrison is a 20 year West Michigan veteran who’s captured titles from nearly every legit Michigan indie promotion. In the match Manning was strong early on, but Morison’s unique blend of offense began to wear down Manning. After several near falls, Morrison looked to have the match secured, but Manning was able to pull out the pin fall to earn top contender status. He’ll be next in line to face James Alexander on January 4 at Flint Iceland Arena! Tickets are on sale at www.pureprowrestling.net.

WWE Alumni Zach Gowen Defeats DTA’s Aaron Orion in Brutal Extreme Rules Main Event

In the main event of Twas the Fight Before Christmas in Holland, Michigan, two of Michigan’s top pro wrestlers engaged in an all out war. The Extreme Rules stipulation meant that the rules were thrown out and anything in the building could be used as weapon. Aaron Orion, the leader of the DTA and US Army veteran decided that his weapons of choice would be an entire spool of barbed wire and an entire cup full of live ammunition rounds! WWE Alumni and the world’s first one leg wrestler Zach Gowen had more of a traditional chairs and tables approach to the warfare he chose to wage. For nearly 20 minutes both superstars went back and forth delivering punishment that no mortal civilian man could get up from. And yet time after time, both wrestlers found a way to fight on. Some may call it will power, others may see it as madness, but after surviving multiple chair shots, back breaking falls to the floor, and a Power Bomb landing on bullets, Orion found himself in a place to pick up a win. If it wasn’t for the quick thinking and resiliency of Gowen the match would have ended when Orion went for one last kill shot and yet somehow Gowen managed to get Orion onto a table and then delivered a devastating leg drop from the top rope to the floor to pick up a win! Fans in Holland couldn’t believe what they were seeing. After the match both Orion and Gowen received a heartfelt ovation from the fans for putting their lives on the line for the sake of pro wrestling. Fans can see Zach Gowen for FREE on New Years Eve in Grand Blanc, tickets are available to claim at www.newyearsknockout.com. Orion will be back in action in 2020 at Iceland Arena in Flint. For information about the schedule visit www.pureprowrestling.net.

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