Baby it’s cold outside!

With Jack Frost giving us his best offense construction on PPW’s new training and recording facility has minorly been delayed. PPW’s original March fourth reopening has been changed to April 1.

Although PPW Founder and Head Coach Xavier Justice was hopeful to be back in business next week, the weather simply hasn’t cooperated enough for the final touches on the new Development Center to be completed. When asked about the delays, Coach XJ had this to say: “Its been a year. No one wants to reopen more than me. After losing tens of thousands of dollars, the constant stress of waiting and wondering, and nearly closing PPW for good I am ready to get back to work. I hate moving the date back, but it’s something I have to do. I have invested everything I have into this new facility and when it’s time to go I want my students and performers to be welcomed back to what I believe will be the best training facility in the state. Bar none.”

PPW will honor March enrollments and move those enrollments to April. When the facility reopens it will feature classes 7 days per week. To sign up for classes make sure to complete the online registration and Coach XJ will contact you to get you in the schedule.