Welcome to PPW's first fully interactive event where YOU the fans decide the stipulations of each match on a blockbuster card that is stacked with talent from top to bottom. After weeks of speculation vote day came on Easter Sunday and fans flocked to PPW's Facebook page @ppwpower to make their voice heard. As each vote clicked through the wrestlers watched the posts with anticipation. Finally after Midnight polls closed, PPW staff took the tally and the voice of the people WAS heard! Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls...Pure Pro Wrestling proudly presents FANDEMONIUM. Check out this amazing card that YOU the fans helped to shape!

Michigan State Heavyweight Championship Main Event – Aaron Orion Challenges Gideon Malice


After two consecutive explosive heavyweight title fights, Orion VS Malice 3 will be a contested under the infamous Last Man Standing rules. The rules are simple, there are none. Each man will be allowed to tear each other to shreds as they set out to determine who is the best wrestlers in the state of Michigan. In order to win the match the wrestler must grapple his opponent until that wrestler can no longer answer a 10 count by the official. Orion is a US Army Veteran and leader of DTA, a smash mouth faction of ultra athletes hungry to take over PPW. Malice is a Michigan legend who has held the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship for nearly 2 years, a record in PPW. Orion came close to defeating Malice on two occasions. One the first encounter Malice pulled off a stunning victory, on the second neither man could answer a ten count. Now YOU the fans have decided the war to settle the score will be Last Man Standing! This bout will be worth the price of admission alone. Will this be the day of reckoning for Malice? Can the battle scarred champion survive another round of heavy artillery from the hungry alpha male Orion? Buy a ticket to May 4's Fandemonium to find out!


1 Inch Punch Challenge – Dylan Night & Tenshi


The mysterious martial arts master and reigning AIWF World Women's Champion "Warrior Princess" Tenshi has been perfecting the ancient Kung – Fu technique known as the "One Inch Punch." This exercise was made famous by the legendary Master Bruce Lee. Tenshi's manager Jack Kelly contacted PPW on behalf of his client to insist that her new technique be demonstrated at Fandemonium with the fans deciding who will have to withstand the force of the impact. The fans chose Michigan legend Dylan Night to be the first to take Tenshi's One Inch Punch Challenge. Night will stand in front of a chair and attempt to hold his ground as Tenshi delivers the world famous martial arts blow. Will Tenshi live up to the hype or will this challenge prove to be another one of Jack Kelly's schemes? Buy a ticket and find out!


Light Saber Duel – Giuseppe Colonna VS Nick Xero


Giuseppe Colonna is a tough-as-nails grappler with a pit bull like mentality when he steps into the ring. Simply put, once he's on you its already to late. Nick Xero is a disgruntled veteran grappler who's on a mission to climb to the top of PPW while setting the new generation straight along the way. Xero is crafty in the ring and knows all the tricks when it comes to "bending the rules." In the first encounter Colonna took an impressive victory from Xero. When round 2 came Jack Kelly assisted Xero in a win in an attempt to sweeten his offer to sign Xero to the Kelly Clan. Now that each man has a victory over one another they're aiming to settle the score in the most sacred form of battle ever forged and voted on by mankind...a Lightsaber Duel. And on May the fourth none the less. In honor of arguably the greatest film franchise of all time, Xero and Colonna will cross the thresholds of extreme wrestling into a brand new frontier never before witnessed by PPW fans.


No Holds Barred – Manning VS Wick – Winner Challenges for Cruiserweight Title


"The Big Deal" Cody Manning is a world traveled model / pro wrestler who happens to be one of the most decorated champions in PPW history. His athletic ability and razor sharp ring skills can only be surpassed by his charisma and his almost superhuman ability to make everyone in an arena instantly hate his guts. Yes he's the top scum of PPW and he's proud of it. The one time Cruiserweight Champion hopes reclaim what he feels is rightfully his...the Michigan State Cruiserweight Title. Standing in his path is perhaps the most explosive cruiser in PPW "Walking Ordinance" Adam Wick. As a faithful soldier in the DTA Army, Wick has risen to the top of the cruiserweight picture in PPW. His impressive run in the 2019 Clash of the Cruiserweights Tourney took him all the way to the finals where he lost to Big Bite Martinez by a narrow margin. Wick wants nothing more than to shut the mouth of Manning, score a win, and then go on to become champion. The special stipulation that the fans decided upon is the infamous NO HOLDS BARRED match where any hold goes and no rope breaks will be granted. Wrestlers are allowed to utilize banned holds such as the Peruvian Thumb Lock and the Patterson Stretch. Holds that are choke based will also be in play. With such a classic stipulation attached as No Holds Barred, anything can happen when the stakes are so high. Don't miss this barn burner because it just may steal the show!



Tag Team Title Elimination Match - The Real Rizers VS The Destroyers 2.0


YOU the fans have spoken and the tag team titles will be on the line is a special ELIMINATION match. That means in order the score a victory, both members of a team must be pinned. The Real Rizers are the reining and defending Michigan State Tag Team Champions who will be defending their crows on their home turf at Flint's Iceland Arenas. Fans in Flint and most cities in Michigan LOVE Samson Real and Tay Rizer, but when "Flint's Beatdown Boys" hit the road and met The Destroyers on their home turf in Milford, the tables turned quickly and the Real Rizers found themselves in a situation where they nearly lost the titles. More so that than, they barely made it out of Milford with their hides in tact as they took a pretty handy beating at the hands of the Destroyer duo lead by pro wrestling legend and father to Cobra TA, Destroyer Troy Alexander. The fans turned quickly on the Rizers and the young team let it get in their heads and it nearly cost them the belts. Freedom Ramsay and Cobra TA are two athletic powerhouses that are learning by the day under the guidance of Destroyer Alexander. Back in the day Destroyer used to go toe – to – toe with Bret Hart, Dynamite Kid, and many other wrestling greats. Now he's passing his knowledge to who he feels is the future of the business. Will it be the Destroyers time to shine or will Samson & Tay "Rize Up" to the challenge? Buy a ticket, take the ride.


Blindfold Match: James Alexander VS Mr. One Night Only


Fans must have wanted to make history, because their vote secured the first ever Blindfold match in PPW's 15 year history. A match made famous decades ago, is exactly as is sounds. Each wrestler will be blindfolded and then turned lose to try to score a pinfall, submission, or knockout. Traditionally blindfold matches are some of the most entertaining matches ever seen! The intense action and comedy gold is a combination that cannot be beat. The two men appointed to the task is of course "Perfection Personified" James Alexander and Mr. One Night Only. Alexander is a highly skilled mat technician with years of experience and training. If anyone could be called a specialist in PPW, its James Alexander, "wrestling's perfect athlete." Mr. One Night Only is PPW's blue collar brawler who has spent the past year working hard night in and night out to make a name for himself in PPW. His classic brawls with Dylan Night have become engrained in the very fibers of PPW's history as being the catalyst for some of PPW's most memorable moments. After a grueling loss at the hands of Night at Extreme Rules 2. One Night Only took some time to charge his batteries and now he's back and looking to do anything it takes to succeed...even if that means wearing a blindfold. Buckle your seat belts folks, this one is going to be a bumpy ride!


Junior Grappler Bonus Pre Show:


PPW's Junior Grapplers is a one of a kind program that teaches kids as young as five years of age the art of professional wrestling. The kids in this program train several hours per week in a safe environment with qualified coaches who put safety as their first priority. Since the program's inception in early 2019, the number of Junior grapplers has risen over 20 and many of the young stars in the making can be seen on PPW's road events in cities across the great state of Michigan. At 6:30PM PPW will present a special Junior Grapplers Bonus Pre Show that will feature popular Junior Grappler greats such as Tank, Revved Up Raleigh, Ryott, Repentless, Radical Eli Roberts, "The Global Flyer" Drake, and more. Make sure your arrive early because you do not want to miss these awesome kids in action!


VIP 8 Man Tag Team Match Featuring The Nomads VS The Grappler Club & a mystery team!


Buy VIP gives you the best seat in the house, early access allowing you to be the first in line for the Meet & Greet experience, an in ring photo with a wrestler, and an event program! If that isn't enough reason to go VIP, then perhaps a special VIP EYES ONLY BONUS MATCH featuring the Nomads in 8 Man Team Action against The Grappler Club & a Mystery Team to be revealed live at the event. The Nomads are the renegade band of motorcycle loving outlaws that fans love to hate and wrestlers avoid at all costs. The Nomads are multiple time singles and tag team champions and have been running rough shot over PPW for years. The Grappler Club is a misfit band of throwback grapplers who are trying to find their way in PPW. The Grappler Club features The Great Lakes Grappler, a 250lbs powerhouse wrestler who loves to suplex his opponents across the ring. His partner the Masked Grappler is a formidable mat wrestler who is able to tie his opponents into knots. And of course the most intriguing factor behind this VIP 8 Man Tag Team match is the mysterious mystery team! Who could it be? Could it be a team of PPW legends? Could it be a team of WWE Alumni? Could it be new signed talent making their debut? Buy a ticket, GO VIP, because its the only way you're going to find out!

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