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MAIN EVENT: Karam Izzat Alame VS Gideon Malice

Super Heavyweigts Collide in the Main Event as Gideon Malice locks horns with Karam Izzat Alame, otherwise known as K.I.A. Malice is a polished veteran of the squared circle who commands a 6'4 240 pound frame to deal destruction upon his opponents. K.I.A. is a blue chip student of PPW's Development Center located at Flint Iceland Arenas. Since his debut 2 years ago K.I.A. has quickly risen to become one of Michigan's finest athletes. 

AIWF World Women's Championship Bout: Paloma Star challenges "Warrior Princess" Tenshi

The AIWF is a sanctioning body of pro wrestling that features over 90 promotions world wide. Tenshi is a warrior princess from the land of the rising sun who has held the championship for over a year. Paloma Star is a Midwest standout who has captured several regional titles. Don't let her charm fool you, this young lady packs a punch! This could be toughest challenge to Tenshi's reign as champion to date.


Solomon Stone VS Cobra T.A.

This battle between two PPW Powerhouses has the makings of an instant classic. Cobra T.A. is a former Michigan State Heavyweight Champion and Tag Team Champion. At 250lbs, Cobra is widely considered to be the strongest man in PPW. His opponent Solomon Stone is the decedent of the mighty native American leader Chief Pontiac. He carries the warriors spirit of his ancestors into every match.

Grizzly House Jones VS Xavier Justice 

Hailing from the Great White North, "Grizzly" House Jones is a champion professional bear wrestler who transitioned to the sport of pro wrestling a decade ago. After spending years on top of the bear wrestling circuit up north, Grizzly found success in PPW by capturing every championship the company had to offer. His reign as Michigan State Heavyweight Champion lasted nearly a year and was one of the most exciting times in the companies 15+ year history. 

Grizzly's opponent is the Founder & Head Coach of PPW's Development Center located at Flint Iceland Arenas. Xavier Justice has nearly 20 years of experience and is a world traveled wrestler and coach. He has held both the Michigan State Heavyweight Title and the Tag Team Championships on multiple occasions. 

Handicap Match *Special Stipulation - PPW Tag Team Titles are on the line!

The Nomads & the PPW Tag Team Champions The Real Rizers have been locked in a feud for several months. The issues between the teams started the moment the Rizers won the Tag Team Championships two months ago. After ending the Nomads year long reign as champions, the club has made it their mission to win back the title while making the Rizers pay the price. The Real Rizers are the latest great rookies straight out of the PPW Development Center. In less than a year of competition the team has earned the right to be called champs. The Real Rizers vow to end the feud once and for all by issuing a challenge to all the Nomads. The Rizers put the titles on the line with the stipulation being if they won the match the Nomads would not be able to challenge for the titles again as long as the Rizers hold the belts. 

Triple Threat Match for the Number 1 Contendership to the PPW Cruiserweight Championship: Mr. One Night Only VS Cody Manning VS Jack Verville

Cody Manning is back from his tour of Asia to reclaim his throne as the top cruiserweight in the state of Michigan. The arrogant MR. One Night Only claims that Manning is old news and that he's new new "big deal" in Michigan. Jack Verville is a seasoned grappling arts expert who has competed in both pro wrestling and mixed martial arts. Verville is a devout student of the fighting arts and poses a threat to any man no matter the size. Don't miss these vastly different cruiserweights fight for a right to be the next cruiserweight champ.

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