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PPW LIVE RESULTS: Milford, MI on January 20th, 2018

January 24th, 2018

Pure Pro Wrestling’s debut from the Milford American Legion kicked off amidst a fog of controversy as The Beefcake was relieved of his Continental Title only 48 hours before the first event’s bell time. What already looked to be a great event, turned into a MUST SEE event as PPW’s management decided to turn the double header debut into a two event tournament to crown a new Continental champ.


The first round of the 8 man, single elimination tournament took place during the 3:30PM Matinee event. In round 1 action…


Father Time def Road Rash: Despite multiple attempts to break the rules in his favor, Road Rash couldn’t handle the power of Father Time. From the onset of the match Time attacked The Nomads arm allowing for a tap our victory courtesy of Time’s signature move The Timelock.


Cobra T.A. def The Evilucha: Cobra T.A. came out as the fan favorite as members of his home town community came out to support him. He was full of energy and adrenaline and as a result took it to the Evilucha early in the match. Cobra seemed to have the match in firm control until the Evilucha found away to weaken Cobra’s left leg. The Evilucha locked Cobra’s leg into a few submissions and nearly got the win, but in the end it was a “Snake Bite” cutter that sealed the deal for Cobra.


Aaron Orion def MC Breeze: US Army Veteran wasted no time in destorying MC Breeze after a cheap shot started the match. Breeze was able to get a few good kicks into Orion, but he didn’t last long after a forearm nearly took his head off. Orion picked up the W with his “Killshot” finisher in less than 60 seconds time. This made an emphatic statement to his next round opponent.


Cody Manning def Xavier Justice: Two long time adversaries went to war in the main event of event one to see who would advance to the next round of the big tourney. After nearly 30 minutes of back and forth wrestling, Manning used his quickness to pick Justice’s legs and put him in a Jackknife Pin that gave him just enough to score a pin fall victory. Both men fought hard, but Manning’s fast thinking put him over Justice and into the second round.


Event 2 – Round 2 & Finals of Continental Title Tournament!


The event kicked off w/ a Biggest Loser Tag Team Match pitting all the first round losers in random tag teams against one another.


Road Rash & The Evilucha def MC Breeze & Xavier Justice: The random pairings seemed to work in favor of Nomad member Road Rash and his impromptu partner The Evilucha. Their equal hatred for Xavier Justice was enough to put aside philosophical differences. On the other end of the ring MC Breeze and Xavier Justice couldn’t get along as their mutual disdain for one another fueled constant bickering. As the match went on, Justice seemed to have everything under control. Then MC Breeze decided to tag himself in which got him into immediate trouble with his opponents. After nearly losing several times, MC Breeze managed to tag in Justice who single handily took down both of his opponents. Justice dropped Road Rash with a huge move and just as he was about to score the pin fall, MC Breeze tagged himself in yet again. He told Justice to clear out of the ring. As Justice exited the ring, Road Rash rolled up Breeze to score a pin fall. After the match Justice had choice words for Breeze.


Semifinals – Cobra T.A. def Aaron Orion: Two of the toughest men in PPW went toe-to-toe in hopes of advancing to the finals of the tournament. Orion and Cobra exchanged several blows and near falls. Both men looked to be deadlocked as the final moments of the match unfurled. Orion went for his Killshot finisher but Cobra countered into his Snake Bite and scored the victory. Orion and Cobra have now exchanged losses and their feud seems to only be getting started.


Semifinals – Father Time def Cody Manning: Fan favorite Father Time stepped into the ring with retired model turned wrestler Cody Manning for the right to go to the final round of the tournament. Time, a legally blind stroke and cancer survivor fought tooth and nail with the ruthless Manning who had no issues with beating on a man twice his age. After several minutes of action, Manning made a mistake and Time caught him in his Timelock for yet another submission victory.


Finals – Father Time def Cobra T.A.:  NEW Continental Champion


Father Time pulled off yet another miraculous feat as he became the second ever PPW Continental Champion. Cobra T.A. through every ounce of offense he had at Time, but it just wasn’t enough to stop “Michigan’s Miracle Man.” After his victory an emotional Time told PPW Online that he will be “a fighting champion that will never back down from a challenge.” Congratulations for Father Time for becoming the New Continental Champion of Pure Pro Wrestling

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