Gary Rowell has been an avid fan of professional wrestling for his entire life. As a young boy he grew up marveling at the athletes and the spectacle. When he grew up, his love for wrestling never wavered, however a new passion had emerged…photography. And it was in the 1960s at the legendary Cobo Hall when these two passions combined to create magical wrestling moments frozen in time, etched forever in history. Since the days of the original Sheik, Bobo Brazil, Dick the Bruiser, and Flying Fred Curry, Rowell has been shooting and following professional wrestling. Rowell can be seen at ringside during all the major PPW events. His photos help to preserve wrestling history while painting a perfect picture of the action that can be seen in the ring on any given night. In 2017 Rowell decided to pour all his passion and love for wrestling into a new project entitled “Pro Wrestling Magazine.” Its inaugural edition was a hit among wrestling fans and wrestlers across the Midwest. Rowell is also a contributing blogger for PPW online and each new edition of his Pro Wrestling Magazine will be featured regularly

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