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Indie Darling Joey Ryan to Face Veteran James Alexander

November 21st, 2018

Joey Ryan is a wrestling superstar who has competed in nearly every major professional wrestling organization in the world. Ryan has been featured in prominent roles with Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground on his way to capturing hearts and championships across the globe. Ryan is an absolute blast to see live as his mind game antics often frustrate his opponents to the point of comical tantrum fits!

His opponent James Alexander is NOT an international star although in his eyes, he should be. Alexander is a consummate ring general who has the finest pro wrestling training available in the United States. Alexander has competed for over 15 years across the country, spent time training in the WWE’s program in Florida, and has been featured several times on WWE programming. As a certified personal trainer and nutrition professional, Alexander’s conditioning and physique are in top form. At home, his mantle is full of championship trophies and belts; and yet, Alexander is not a household name in wrestling like Joey Ryan.

Joey Ryan is an indie wrestling icon whose viral fame featuring an infamous move (illegal in 32 states) skyrocketed him to fame and fortune. Ryan is one of the few fortunate pro wrestlers who doesn’t need the WWE to make a hefty living in the ring, meanwhile on the other side of the ring Alexander has spent half his life trying to make it to the WWE. Ryan has flown across the world while Alexander grinds the pavement. Ryan lives the lavish life while Alexander scratches and claws for the right.

While Ryan enjoys the limelight, Alexander obsesses about his big break. Every day he works his hardest to accomplish his goals, and every day he doesn’t reach his goals his obsession grows. Alexander calls himself “Perfection Defined” and the perfect ending for his career has not yet happened. A match with a celebrity wrestler could not only land him on the map, but it could create a stepping stone to a higher level and perhaps make him a viral sensation like his cross-ring rival.

Ryan will be fresh off recovering from a pectoral tear, Alexander will be fresh off yet another appearance on WWE programming. Will the indie darling be ready to face Perfection Personified? Buy your tickets to Flint Iceland Arena and see the blockbuster event staring Joey Ryan on January 5th 2019! Tickets on sale NOW at

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