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Salem Ash Sidelined with Injury - Hosting Event in Milford!

January 16th, 2018

Over the years many athletes have come and gone, but very few actually find success in professional wrestling. Some grapplers are great talkers, but can’t wrestle – others are great wrestlers, but lack the personality needed to sell tickets. Successful wrestlers often have the combination of a good physique, a charismatic character, and solid in ring skills. But even having all three of these qualities doesn’t give any guarantees. What really makes a wrestler stand out is what we in the wrestling business like to call the “it factor.” What is the “it factor?”


The “it factor” is an intangible quality that select individuals have that naturally makes them stand out above the rest of their peers. Over the entire course of wrestling, men and women with the “it factor” are a rare commodity and often become major stars. Rookie sensation Salem Ash has “it factor” written all over him.


Salem Ash came to PPW for training over a year ago. In the Summer of 2017 he made his pro wrestling debut during PPW’s “Mandurance” at the Genesee County Fair. Ash is 6’3 with 240 lbs of solid muscle framework. He’s strong, athletic, learns fast, and makes some of the most complicated techniques look easy. The put it simple...Salem Ash has the goods. Salem Ash has the “it factor.”


Since his debut over the Summer of 2017 Salem Ash has dazzled fans with his displays of athleticism and strength. Although he’s green as grass he’s already picked up huge victories over some of PPW’s most accomplished grapplers. His efforts in PPW were instantly seen by other promotions across the nation and before long Ash found himself traveling to Ohio, Indiana, and New York while being contacted by promoters from Canada and Mexico. Prior to the start of 2018, Salem Ash looked to be the next big thing in pro wrestling.


One week before Ash was scheduled to have his first chance to become the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion he suffered an injury competing in a match in Ohio. Ash made a routine movement in the ring, planted his foot, and the next thing he knew he found himself on the mat grasping his knee as it throbbed with pain. Ash finished the match, put another victory on his record, but the diagnosis from the doctor after the bout kept him from celebrating.


After meeting with his doctor to review MRI results, Ash was diagnosed with a torn patella tendon in his knee. Ash scheduled surgery immediately. His surgeon (name not known at time of press) had also operated on pro athletes from the Detroit Lions & Red Wings teams. Ash’s surgery was deemed highly successful and he is now undergoing an accelerated physical therapy program that will speed up his recovery process and return him to the ring with his knees stronger than they were before surgery.


Salem Ash released a video on his Facebook account extended apologies to his fans for not being able to compete during his title match. In the video he also told his fans that he planned on being in attendance at the event to talk to fans in person. PPW management has decided that in light of this young man’s setback, they will be making him the special host of the double header in Milford this Saturday. Ash will be front and center to help PPW and its fans crown a new Continental Champion as 8 of PPW’s grappler greats put their names in the hat during a special one day tournament. Ash also claims to have “huge news” regarding his recovery and the next step in his career. To attend the double header event at the American Legion in Milford visit PPW’s web site and order tickets now at   

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