Ringside Mentors


PPW's has created a unique program that partners our superstars with kids, both at risk, and those performing well. We can help guide students towards a healthy, prosperous, and ethical lifestyle.

Reading Rules Brother!


PPW partners with libraries, schools, and individuals to bring you this unique child literacy program. Pure Pro Wrestling stars and grappler greats visit K-5 students.encourage kids to pursue reading on their free time. They stress the importance of using your imagination and getting lost in the world of a book. The program is completely free to students, other children, and families. The "Reading Rules Brother" program is a great add on to help promote a fundraising event at a school or local library.

Action Packed Assemblies


PPW's specializes in motivational assemblies discussing bullying, health and nutrition, the importance of education, reading, and more.


Joe Byrd

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Health & Nutrition Seminars


PPW Head Coach Xavier Justice gives this eye opening and awe inspiring seminar regarding health, fitness, and nutrition. This amazing seminar offers insight into how our bodies behave with and without proper nutrition and fitness. Such topics as processed foods, fast food, excess sugar consumption, and more are discussed with students k - 12.

Fantasy Kids Camp

PPW's grappler greats volunteer their time to give kids the ultimate WWE themed fantasy experience. Kids camps give kids a chance to get into the ring and learn real wrestling moves (with safety in mind), other opportunities include having a ring entrance, wrestling related arts & crafts, creating a character and "cutting  a promo" on the microphone, play WWE 2K against a wrestler, and more.


"Form a Tag Team w/ Pure Pro Wrestling and together we can produce a family friendly, community wide event that will meet your fundraising goals. PPW worked with non profits, schools, and civic orgs for 15 years and has raised thousands of dollars for worthwhile community causes." Generate Income Via Ticket Sales, Advertising Sponsorship, Pro Wrestler Endorsements, Merchandise, Concessions, raffles, & silent auctions.


Joe Byrd

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