Seminar with a Star: Tag Team Seminar with the IMPACT Tag champions oVe!

December 5th, 2017

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In today's world of sports entertainment, the art and science behind tag team wrestling seems to be all but lost. Most teams today consist of singles stars with no chemistry thrown together with hopes of the fans catching on. On an independent level, wrestlers often choose a "partner" based off of circumstance and geographical location. Tag team wrestling is one of the most exciting aspects about the craft and at one time was considered to be just as big of a draw as a heavyweight championship. Over the years, wrestling fans have seen many great teams, however in this day and age, good teams can be difficult to find. Luckily this generation of pro wrestling has been blessed with The Crist Brothers, otherwise known as oVe, the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champions.


In 2003 twin brothers Jake & Dave Crist broke into the wrestling scene in Ohio as the duo known as Irish Airborne. As Irish Airborne, the Brothers Crist wanted to celebrate their Irish heritage while paying homage to the hit film "The Boondock Saints." It didn't take long for Irish Airborn to become one of the most in demand teams in the Midwest. The Crist Brothers were a breath of fresh air as they pushed the envelope night in and night out. Their daredevil attitudes and high risk style landed on the ROH radar, and before long they were on tour. After a stint with ROH Dave & Jake Crist returned home to Ohio where they began to reinvent themselves.


After their work in ROH, the brothers returned to the indy scene with a mission to make their mark on the scene. As Jake & Dave became more comfortable with who they were on the inside, their unique style took hold and to this day resonates in every match. The Crist Brothers became trendsetters and for many years in the independent level, they set the standard for tag team wrestling. As their styles, attitudes, and lives changed, so did their gimmick. Enter OI4K...


OI4K, or Ohio is 4 Killers, became the next step in the evolution of the brothers Crist. Together they joined forces with WWE Alumni Sami Callahan and top women's wrestler Naveah to become one of the most dominant and in demand factions in independent wrestling today. Together, as OI4K, the brothers traveled abroad and across the nation competing against some of the best wrestlers in the world today. As members of OI4K, the Crist Brothers went further than they ever had before and in the process they caught the eye of Impact Wrestling. 


Dave & Jake Crist debuted on Impact Wrestling TV as oVe, or Ohio VS Everything. Although their debut was only a few short months ago, it didn't take long for the the duo to go straight to the top. As of now, 12/5/17, oVe is the reigning and defending Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champions...titles they won after defeating LAX on Pay Per View television. With television exposure and the opportunities that come with it, oVe is now able to show the world that they are the among the upper echelon  of tag team wrestlers. 


On January 6, 2017 oVE will make their PPW debut at the Birch Run Expo Center. However, before they dazzle the fans, they want to give back to the business that's given so much to them by offering a TAG TEAM WRESTLING SEMINAR for aspiring, training, and active wrestlers for only $40. They're even allowing fans to have access w/ a special viewing pass for only $20. This Tag Team Wrestling Seminar with the Crist Brothers is an excellent and rare opportunity to train w/ two of the best tag team wrestlers in the world. With a combined 30 years of experience, oVE will work on several aspects of successful tag team wrestling.


Seminar Attendees can expect to see oVe focus on these vital areas:


*Tag Team Psychology / Match structure

*Tag Team spot & set structure

*Double team move variety

*The importance of finding the right partner

*Developing a tag team gimmick

*Tag Team ring positioning & timing

*Tag Team ref spots

*Building proper false tags & hot tags


The total cost of the 2 hour intimate seminar is only $40. If you wish to watch instead of participating its only $20. To enroll simply signup online by clicking the link below.


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