16-Man Tag Team Championship Battle Royal Signed for Flint Iceland Arena

November 15th, 2018

PPW Tag Team Champions the Nomads will put their titles up for grabs in an epic 8 team Championship Battle Royal.


In order for a team to be eliminated, both members need to be thrown over the top rope and both feet need to touch the floor. Both feet may touch the floor if the wrestler’s hands are still attached to the top rope. After the dust settles, the surviving team will be crowned the PPW Tag Team Champs.


Battle Royal matches are known to be some of the most dangerous matches in all of pro wrestling. With so many wrestlers in the ring, chaos ensues and bodies go flying everywhere. Battle Royal’s commonly result in serious and devastating bodily harm to wrestlers. Ringside fans should remain seated during this contest or risk the result of a wrestler being thrown on top of you.


The Nomads are facing stiff competition as DTA, The Real Rizers, Adam Wick & Giuseppe Colonna, The Police Department, and more are scheduled to compete.


What’s even more interesting is that DTA will be gunning for the Nomads after suffering a unexpected loss to the Nomads that cost them the belts back in November. The Nomads and DTA have been at each other’s throats for months now and this battle royal could be the boiling point!

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