“Warrior Princess” Tenshi Defends Her AIWF World Women’s

Championship Against Sheriff Eva Lonis

November 14th, 2018

The Allied Independent Wrestling Federations(AIWF) is a 30+ year old sanctioning body of independent professional wrestling comprised of over 90 promotions across the world. The AIWF recognizes several traveling champions including major and regional men’s and women’s championships. Nearly one year ago Tenshi captured that title from Milwaukee’s Stacy Shadows, a dominating ring general. Since then she’s soundly defeated all challengers.

In November, Tenshi’s Representation Jack Kelly informed the PPW fans that Tenshi has issued an open challenge to “any women in the world” who wants to step up to face Tenshi for the World Women’s Title. The first women to contact Pure Pro Wrestling was none other than Sheriff Eva Lonis, a member of the infamous Wrestling Police Department. Lonis is a trained grappler, but what makes her so dangerous is her additional police training. The knowledge she obtained in her academy days and the time she spends busting scum in the locker room has made her a hardened competitor with a legitimate chance to take the title from the martial artist Tenshi.

Tenshi is scheduled to defend against Eva Lonis on December 8 at the Flint Iceland Arena. To order tickets to the event visit our web site at www.pureprowrestling.net

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