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October 15th, 2017

All Hail Tenshi – Warrior Princess Captures AIWF World Women’s Championship

 If you’ve been to a Pure Pro Wrestling show chances are you’ve seen the “Warrior Princess” from the far east destroying talented wrestlers. This mysterious beauty is a master of many variations of martial arts with techniques that date back thousands of years. Inside the ring she likes to utilize vicious strikes that land with precision at a speed almost too fast to comprehend. And then there’s the mist...In the right time, the right moment, when the ref is not looking, out comes the painful and often blinding mist leaving her victim helpless to defend against her inevitable end. What is in this mist? Where does it come from? How does she do it? All questions fans have, all answers foes demand. Tenshi’s dark art is her own secret, and one look in her cold eyes will tell you that her secrets will never be revealed.


Tenshi claims to be the most dangerous women in professional. She put her claim to the test as she stepped into the ring one of the Midwest’s best the AIFW World Women Champion “The Midwest Slayer” Stacy Shadows last month in Holland, Michigan. Tenshi making claim as the most dangerous women in wrestling is a bold statement considering the reputation that Shadows had going into the match. Shadows isn’t a cookie cutter plastic barbie doll, her stature alone would intimidate an NFL linebacker. This was the first encounter for Tenshi & Shadows. After a hard fought battle, it was the mist that became the deciding factor and Tenshi, the Warrior Princess became the World Women’s Champion.


Now that Tenshi is the proud holder of the AIWF World Women’s Champion she looks onward to taking on some of the world’s best independent professional wrestlers. Tenshi’s representation issued a statement on the champion’s behalf.


“I am Tenshi, the Warrior Princess. I am the AIWF World Women’s Champion. I stand before you and declare that no women in the world today shall defeat me. I am the most dangerous women in professional wrestling. The AIWF will become my killing fields. I am a warrior. I will honor my ancestors by defending my claim in battle. Bow before me. Bow as the princess becomes the Queen.”


Tenshi can be seen at Pure Pro Wrestling and AIWF events in late 2017 and 2018. Her next scheduled AIWF World Women’s Title defense is scheduled for Sunday, November 12 in Flushing against former MMA fighter & Dan Severn student Sybil Starr. Tickets for this title bout can be purchased at the door or in advance HERE

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