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Welcome to the Pure Pro Wrestling Development Center at Flint Iceland Arenas! We are Michigan’s premier Pro Wrestling school and located conveniently in Mid-Michigan near I-75!

Flint Iceland Arenas

1160 Elms Rd

Flint, MI 48532

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Enrollment Made Simple:


Simply sign up and show up to begin your journey into the world of professional wrestling! There’s no need to wait or delay, as soon as you’re ready to begin simply pay for the monthly membership online, download and fill out our sign up sheet and waiver form and then bring them to class with your proof of membership purchase. Class schedules are always posted on our web site to keep students informed about daily classes and monthly live events. PPW also has a private Facebook group available for a direct lines of communication between PPW staff and students. 


*Students are encouraged to attend a Wed or Friday session to meet Head Coaches Xavier Justice & Cody Manning prior to beginning the other weekly sessions.


*Students are encouraged to consult a physician prior enrolling.

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About Our Development Center

Professional wrestling is an international art form that began in America over 100 years ago. The infectious blend of combat arts mashed with spectacle, theatrics, and colorful heroes & villains creates an atmosphere that suspends belief while entertaining masses worldwide.


From its humble carnival beginnings, pro wrestling has spread across the globe and transformed itself to a multi million-dollar industry. PPW takes great pride in honoring the rich tradition of a true American pastime by offering a well-rounded pro wrestling education for students of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels. PPW strives to create a positive place for men, women, and kids to learn.

Whether your goal is to become the next world champion or you’re simply looking for a place to have fun and get in shape, PPW’s Development Center has something to offer you.

The Pure Pro Wrestling Development Center located at Iceland Arenas in Flint Township is THE premiere location in Michigan to train to become a professional wrestler. Amenities include two 16 X 16 pro wrestling rings, weight room, locker rooms w showers, and a 2000 seat arena for student showcase events. PPW offers a full dedicated staff of experienced coaches that are passionate about teaching the craft. Our monthly Seminar w/ a Star program features amazing guest coaches who are current or former Television stars. These specialty seminars provide an opportunity for students to learn from pros who can give them valuable insight to help ensure their success. Monthly training also includes Specialty Seminars designed to hone specific skill sets that may be applied to the ring such as grappling, striking, promos, match structure, and high flying technique. PPW provides adult training 5 nights per week and is the only facility in America that offers courses for kids!

PPW coaches primarily teach North American pro wrestling based in the catch-as-catch-can style, however elements of Mexican, European, Japanese, and Dragondor – Mexican/Japanese hybrid styles are incorporated. PPW’s program will provide a well rounded wrestling education that will allow you to develop your in ring skills and character at your own pace while. Every student who comes through our doors is a different size and shape with a varied learning curve. Our program gives its students the adequate time needed to develop properly without being rushed through elements of the curriculum. Safety and proper development are our top priorities.  

Training will focus on the following essential elements of professional wrestling:

​Ring positioning, foot work, mat wrestling, slams, suplex variations, striking, submission holds & counter holds (chain wrestling), rope & corner technique, aerial maneuvers, advanced slam & suplex variations, hybrid maneuvers, ring psychology, spot & set structure, advanced high spot development, character development, the art of the promo, marketing and branding, social media management, booking management, brand and character merchandising, and much more.

*Fitness & Nutrition consultation is also available.


Real in Ring Experience – Wrestle 50 Matches in your First Year!


The Development Center (DC) at Flint Iceland Arenas is the official training facility for Pure Pro Wrestling, Michigan’s largest and only touring brand of pro wrestling. The DC has produced some of the finest professional wrestlers in the state of Michigan, many of which are enjoying successful professional careers. Students in our program benefit from our regularly touring 50+ event per year schedule. When students are cleared to perform, they gain invaluable experience on live PPW events in front of audiences all across the state of Michigan. This experience helps them to learn the craft, develop a character, and build a resume that will give them the opportunity to begin a successful career in professional wrestling.

Junior Grappler Wrestling Training Program

PPW's Junior Grappler Program takes young wrestling fans (ages 5-15) and gives them an opportunity to learn professional wrestling in a SAFE environment. Coach Xavier Justice and staff teach students put fun as the first priority as they help to inspire confidence and build self - esteem while teaching several  WWE Style  pro wrestling techniques.

The 8 week course will also encourage healthy eating habits and teach participants that fitness can be fun! After the 8 week course is over, students will design their own character, costume, and make their IN - RING debut on a LIVE PPW Event at Flint Iceland Arena! Regular participation & attendance is encourage because our goal is to make your little grappler ready for a real pro wrestling match in front of a live audience!  

Let's face it, kids are pretending to be their favorite wrestlers in bed rooms, basements, and back yards all across America. While these activities can be fun, they are also dangerous! Many kids have been injured and in some cases killed imitating pro wrestling at home without proper training and guidance. Sign up today and let PPW provide a real ring, qualified instruction, and a fun, safe, and inspirational environment to learn.


*8 weeks of professional and wrestling training

*2 days per week (Wednesday and Friday from 5:30-7:00

*Student Showcase Event at end of program in front of a live crowd at Flint Iceland Arenas

ONLY $100 for the 8 week program! 

($80 for ea. additional child in family)

REQUIREMENTS: Strapless Mouth Guard, Athletic Clothing, Athletic Shoes, Knee and Elbow Pads are encouraged, Parents must sign Waiver.

The Pure Pro Wrestling Coaching Staff

Head Coach Xavier Justice:


20 year pro who spent much of his early career traveling the Midwestern Independent circuit working with world class talent. Justice founded Pure Pro Wrestling & its training program over 15 years ago and has built the promotion into Michigan’s largest and only touring brand while producing some of the state’s top talent. Justice spent much of 2018 in working as the Head Coach and performing as a wrestler for Continental Wrestling Entertainment, India’s largest pro wrestling company which is owned by former WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali. Justice also founded the Junior Grapplers, America’s first and only all kids pro wrestling training program and division. Justice is also a PPW Hall of Fame member with several tenures as Michigan State Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion on his resume.

Coach Cody Manning:


Trained by PPW’s Founder & Head Coach Xavier Justice, Cody Manning is a 15 year world class veteran pro wrestler who has spent much of his career working for PPW and other Midwestern regional promotions. Manning the only wrestler in PPW to capture the Cruiserweight, Continental, and Tag Team Championships. In 2018 Manning spent much of the year coaching and competing alongside Xavier Justice for Continental Wrestling Entertainment, India’s largest pro wrestling company which is owned by former WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali. Manning is also one of the Head Coaches for the Junior Grapplers, America’s first and only pro wrestling program. Manning is also the Head Producer & Production Manager for all PPW Live Events.


Coach Aaron Orion:


Trained by PPW’s Founder & Head Coach Xavier Justice, Aaron Orion is one of the most decorated and respected professional wrestlers in the state of Michigan. Orion is a US Army Veteran and world class wrestler who is currently enjoying a successful independent wrestling career. Orion is a former Michigan State Heavyweight & Tag Team Champion and has also held several championships from some of the top promotions in independent wrestling. Orion is also the founder of the Death Threat Army, one of the Midwest’s most successful and in demand wrestling brands featuring a group of wrestlers that he had a direct hand in training.

Coach Nick Xero:


For the past 20 years Xero has enjoyed an independent career in the Midwest while becoming one of PPW’s top heel wrestlers. Xero’s unique style and in ring technique has earned him multiple stints as PPW’s Continental Champion. Xero’s areas of expertise include chain wrestling, aerial wrestling, and proper match structure. Although his matches typically receive a constant chorus of boos, he’s widely regarded as one of the most entertaining and colorful characters on PPW’s talented roster.


Coach Gideon Malice:


Gideon Malice is a 6’4 240 pound powerhouse with 15 years of experience inside the squared circle. Malice’s career has carried him all across the United States and he currently holds the Michigan record for longest reigning champion with an incredible streak of 2 years straight as Michigan State Heavyweight Champion. Malice was trained by Truth Martini and now spends time with students passing on his incredible wealth of knowledge to aspiring wrestlers of all ages. Malice is also one of PPW’s Fitness & Nutrition Consultants and is an excellent person to go to if your looking for advice on getting in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle conducive to professional wrestling.


Dylan Night:


This 20+ year professional was originally trained in the old ECW facility and has spent years traveling the world working for some of the top promotions in wrestling. Night has spent time wrestling, coaching, booking, and producing alongside some of the best to ever lace up a pair of boots. His passion and vast knowledge of professional wrestling is the very reason why he’s one of the best coaches in America. Night teaches an old school approach to wrestling bringing emphasis to a structured match pace as well as the importance of character development and proper storytelling. Night is also one of our Promo class teachers as he’s widely considered to be one of the top wrestlers on the microphone at PPW events.


Jack Kelly:


The only licenses pro wrestling manger in Michigan is also a product of the training at PPW’s Development Center. Kelly is one of the most entertaining managers in independent wrestling and his talents have been utilized to complement some of the finest wrestlers in PPW.  Kelly has managed several great PPW champions including Tenshi, Gideon Malice, Nick Xero, & The Destroyers. Kelly helps to train other managers enrolled in the program and is also one of our instructors for promo class. 


Father Time:


Nicknamed Michigan’s Miracle Man, Father Time made history upon his PPW debut by becoming the oldest rookie in the world. Father Time is also a survivor of cancer, multiple strokes, and is the only blind professional wrestler in the world today. His incredible inspirational story has been covered by major media outlets nation wide. After ten years of in ring competition Time has held the Michigan State Heavyweight, Continental, and Tag Team Championships. Time is one of our key instructors for promo class.


James Alexander:


This 20 year veteran is a world class pro wrestler and personal fitness & nutrition consultant. Alexander has held numerous championships across the united states, was trained in WWE’s developmental system, and is currently featured often on WWE programs such as Raw, Smackdown!, NXT, & 205 live. Alexander is one of the staff fitness and nutrition consultants at the DC.

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