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Saturday, December 15th | Holland, MI

Pure Pro Wrestling returns to Holland on December 15th, for 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas 2018! Details coming soon!

Come out and see Xavier Justice, Samson Real, Gideon Malice, El Tejano, Josh Raymond, The Nomads, Jeff King, Mr. One Night Only, Tenshi, Tay Rizer, Sybil Starr, C.J. Otis, Tommy Vendetta and more!

Survivor’s Series Tag Match -- Team Raymond VS Team Justice

This past October’s Civil War saw a collision of the best of Michigan’s East & West grapplers to find out who was supreme! Although the East won more matches, there’s still a score to settle between West Michigan’s premiere Coach Josh Raymond and PPW Head Coach and East Sider Xavier Justice. Both coaches will choose their top students to take into battle in a survivor series style tag team match where each pin fall, submission, KO, count our, or DQ will result in elimination. The last team standing is declared victorious!

Michigan State Tag Team Championship Match

The Nomads recaptured the Tag Team Titles in November in stunning fashion, but now are trying to keep the belts in the club without the help of the club’s keeper, Ace Evans. The Nomads are trying to regroup. With the “Freebird Rule” in effect, Moe Evans helped to bring the titles back the clubhouse. Now Road Rash will team with CJ Anderson in hopes of fending off two PPW champions. Will The Nomads survive or will PPW fans see double champions crowned? Buy tickets at right now and find out!

TOP Southern Heavyweight Champion!

TOP Southern Heavyweight Champion the "Outlaw" Randy Wayne will be in action and he's looking to destroy anyone who's put in front of him to make a statement to the midwest and PPW Officials.

The "Old Timer" Jeff King vs. The "Apache Assassin" Solomon Stone

Little is known about Stone to PPW fans except he lost to Adam Wick in his debut in Holland during Civil War. Solomon is here to do damage and destroy individuals. Whether fans like him or not is irrelevant to him as his win/loss record. Only the screams of his victims make this man tick.


Jeff King earned the nickname the Old timer due to his throwback style. King doesn’t wrestle like most of today’s athletes, instead he has found success utilizing the original technique utilized by pro wrestling’s forefathers in the early 1900s. His finisher, “The Bearhug” is a devastating classic hold that squeezes opponents ribs until they beg for mercy.


This will be the first time King have Stone have wrestled each other. And it won't be an easy one... it's going to be in a likely "bloody" street fight. This match is guaranteed to be worth the price of admission alone.

Battle of Heavyweights: C.J. Otis vs. Tommy Vendetta

CJ Otis has competed in pro wrestling, catch wrestling, amateur wrestling, and MMA for over two decades. Otis is as dangerous as they come in the ring. If he gets his hand on you he can pin you, tap you, or throw you on your head a thousand different ways. When he’s not in the ring for PPW he’s running his own dojo where he teaches catch, shoot, & pro wrestling.

Tommy Vendetta may not be a catch wrestling expert, but he’s a battle tested Marine veteran who served in the Middle East. Standing 6’4 and weighing 225 pounds, Vendetta is a blue chip rookie who’s just as athletic as anyone in the ring today. Vendetta fancies himself a quick learner, which is why he’s delivered in some big matches throughout the 2018 season.

Vendetta is a no non-sense, smash mouth striker. Otis is a well-rounded fighting machine. Does the rookie Vendetta have what it takes to take out Otis? Buy a ticket and take the ride –

Clash of the Cruiserweights: Nolan Edwards VS Jack Verville

The toubled youth Nolan Edwards will dawn his war paint and square off against the seasoned cruiserweight Jack Verville. Edwards is a rookie wild card that has been turning heads everywhere he goes. His vicious offense and ability to withstand a beating have helped him become successful against some of PPW’s best athletes. Jack Verville is a black belt martial artist who competes regularly in tournaments. He is a proficient striker and mat technician. With over ten years of pro wrestling experience combined with a lifetime of martial arts training, Verville is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t miss the first time these two sensational cruiserweights meet. Buy tickets now at

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