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Asmodeus & Malice Form Unholy Alliance to Defeat the Nomads!

February 16th, 2019

The “Dark One’ Lord Asmodeus is a mysterious new figure that has emerged in the Michigan State Heavyweight Title picture over the past few months. He claims to be a “demon from Malice’s past” and his mission is to not only take the Michigan State Heavyweight Title, but to take Malice back to the dark side with him. Malice has fought personal demons his whole life. Through faith he has persevered and become the most dominant heavyweight champion PPW has ever seen, but this new force has exposed weaknesses in the armor of the champ. Despite their disdain for one another the two had to join forces (by order of President K.I.A.) to face the Nomads in a Handicap Match. The Unholy Alliance picked up the win, but at the end Asmodeus attacked Malice and then left him for the Nomads to destroy.


Now Lord Asmodeus will challenge Gideon Malice on March 2 at RETROSLAM in a No Count Out Match with the prestigious Michigan State Heavyweight Title on the line. Will light triumph over darkness, or will evil rule the day? Buy your tickets to RETROSLAM on March 2 at Iceland Arenas in Flint NOW.

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