PPW Wrestler Spotlight: "Disastrous" Giuseppe Colonna

November 15th, 2018

Meet Italian grappler "Disastrous" Giuseppe Colonna, a trainee and competitor at Pure Pro Wrestling.


Colonna traveled across the world to come to Michigan because he knew that the facilities and coaching staff at Pure Pro Wrestling are world class. Giuseppe has a background in amateur wrestling and was a championship rugby player and coach.


He’s short in stature, but his girthy athletic base gives him an advantage with wrestlers of all sizes. Colonna is a hard worker, practices his craft daily, and has won several matches in a PPW ring and in others around Michigan.


This past November he lost his first match in months to Mr. One Night Only. The finish of the match was controversial and as a result a rematch has been signed to give both wrestlers a chance to compete one last time and hopefully settle the score. To see Colonna in action on Sat. December 8 buy tickets online at www.pureprowrestling.net or click the link below!

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